The Digitakt Feature Request Thread


It sure could be though, haha.


Yes, but as is, you can’t play your drumbreak in all different ways to get a feel for what you want before laying down the trigs. Same for a melodic loop or a longer sample. You must put a first layer of trigs, p lock it, change the start point, put your 2nd layer etc. Harder to find ideas on the fly.

Besides, one cool way to implement it : set a track to “slice”, set the number of slices you want, then adjust the start and end of each slice. I’m not down with automatic slicing either.

For now, when heavy chopping is required, I have my mpc500 slaved to the Digitakt.


This is more the same category of sampler, one offers a sharp sequencer while the other does not have the same objectives of creation: no conditional trig, no game with the macro, limited on the game of the sequencer …it’s aproach from this side,so quickly there is no doubt if we want to push its limits


I think about the direction 'of the playing sequencer.
Like the Roland Boutique JX-03, JP-08,JU-06.

(((Choice of a reading mode: in the place, in inversion of the steps, pairs, no pairs played, no impacts, no pairs, no pairs, no pairs)))

It will be more groovy !!!


if you are using digitakt for sampling breaks, once in the machine you hit slice and it does it’s best to slice up a bar or two across the 16 pads. then you can either hit the pads MPC style whilst recording to make new beats and breaks from that break or you can use conditional trigs to get an ever evolving phat beat.


This thread shows something interesting about time delays. It can be awesome to display 1/X when we reach a complete value. Like displaying 1/2 instead of 64.


I would like the option to be able to use the MIDI tracks to play up to 8 different phrases that could be sent to a single synth in a single pattern. This obviously can be done if you set each MIDI track to transmit on the same MIDI channel and use the Mute Mode to activate the phrase you wish to use. But this can get a bit tricky to perform with especially if you are using more then 2 MIDI tracks. A better way would be to have a MIDI Settings option that would allow you to activate some kind of Channel Solo option so that you can use the TRK Select Buttons to solo a particular track. Perhaps the DK can detect which tracks share a similar MIDI track channel output value or you could set a group number that these common tracks can share similar to a typical hi hat mode on a drum machine.

This feature could overcome the lack of a Transpose Button found on the A4 as you could have pre-transposed phrases on separate tracks and freely switch between them in TRK mode.

This would be quite neat.


By the way, it should only be for MIDI tracks and in no way should it affect the Audio tracks…


I loooooove this idea. The Quantum step sequencer for iOS allows this and it’s incredibly powerful/flexible. If you do a little planning, you can fit some very long melodies into 16 steps.

I have a chord progression in my head. Just four chords, changing every two bars.

An alternate feature possibility to solve for this: per-track pattern chains. Pattern chaining is the way to accomplish this currently but it can be a chore to keep the other 7 tracks the same across both patterns (presuming that’s the intention). If I could eat up a pattern in order to extend a few tracks in one pattern, I’d use it constantly.


And then I read on Synthtopia—the very next day—that the new Squarp Pyramid OS allows for exactly this. Obviously apples and oranges with regard to each machine’s primary focus but damn, so friendly!

They get bonus points for making the format dead simple. Just a text file in the root of the SD card with the Name and MIDI channel of the device along with a flat list of CC numbers and associated labels. When you select that channel as the target for a track, it uses those CCs and labels. And keeping it simple looks to be paying off; lots of user contributed instrument definitions are already in the wild.

Surely the DT team could do the same if it floated to the top of their TODO list. Here’s to hoping.


(or scale signature per track :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


It s indeed anoying, but for me just for 16th fill full tracks, or fast ones, i think yeah it should have an option to turn it off.
That said i personnaly prefer a slower rate of blinking for those tracks, or a unified rate at least, let’s say 8th. I like to be sure not forget any material during a live set cause i can use different midi tracks acording to its pattern.


SLIDE SPEED parameter in one of the blank slots on the TRIG page. 0 = off (default). MIN = inverted log, 50% = linear, MAX = logarithmic scale of the time to the next trig.

Live recorded parameter sweeps are recorded with either stepped (current, default) or interpolated trigs.


People probably aren’t gonna dig this but my request.

No significant changes to the dt workflow.

The dt was first pitched with almost all the functions having corresponding buttons which gave the sense of immediacy that everyone seems to be fond of. After a year with the box I would hate for a bunch of features to be added through cumbersome button combinations and deep menu diving.


If new things are added you don’t have to use them. Also don’t update your Digitakt if your happy at the moment.


The dt isn’t finished, there are still bugs that require updates. I don’t think my request is anymore outlandish that some of the stuff in this thread.


I agree new things that disrupt the current workflow are not welcome, I found the implemantation of the sound pool function made using the sound banks much less fluid, when the old way was perfect. You buy a device with an advertised feature set and play style and then learn it, imo it should not have anything added after that inteferes with that, new features should fit around old not supersede them, if the feature set was unfinished to start with then it should have been advertised as a work in progress.


Really really wish we could pass through pitch and modwheel midi through the DT from an external keyboard. Was a real bummer when i discovered this


I posted this in my own thread, but I wish the Digitakt could do “smooth” wave scanning like a wavetable synth does…


PTN + PAGE activates a page loop mode that loops the current page indefinitely, until the combo is pressed again.

Hitting PAGE in this mode jumps to loop that particular page (switch occurring according to CH. LEN).