The Digitakt Feature Request Thread

When you hold down the TRK button, it would be nice to have the leds indicate which tracks are actually active and playing. That way you can easily navigate which sound you are looking for when you’ve already pressed down the TRK button.


func + click = encoder to 0 !



if not already Promissed + Mentioned: Sampling over Usb (Overbridge )

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Normally Func+Twist will do this (at least on other Elektron boxes) … I imagine it’s covered in the manual too, especially if it’s any different

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midi fx’s per track
-midi delay
-randomiser (apply on pitch, note length, velocity etc.)
-scales (when enabled, notes being played will be locked in specified scale)
-harmoniser (adding up to 3 notes to root note)


-randomiser (apply on pitch, note length, velocity etc.)

couldn´t this be easily done with an lfo on sample and hold?

Yes. This. These decimals are killing me


*note transpose on specified tracks, both audio and midi via chromatic mode and external midi
*cc messages naming
*different playing directions + random
*retrig on midi tracks


Second the solo mode request.


Dynamic polyphony per track would poss make me grab a DT. I requested it a few times for OT. Would be a good move from Elektron on this box tempting more OT owners to pick one up…

‘Global kits’ options. Seems weird to skip this on a ‘drum machine’. The option to load/save kits would save a lot of fiddling in some situations.

Performance macros.

Insert fx per track. At least 1 slot per track to enable things like different delay times/feedback per track/sound.

Arpeggio. On both audio + midi tracks. And ideally programmable by user with a bank on +drive to save user arp patterns to.

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1- Effects for the incoming Audio.
2- Rute any LFO to any track like in the Machinedrum.
3- Pattern chains.
4- Step Ratcheting


I would like a slice mode that lay outs different parts of a sample on the chromatic keyboard so that you could play different parts of a phrase real time on a single track. This would enable something akin to an MPC workflow. P-locking start points is a work around, but it’s more programming than playing, so it’s not as spontaneous.

I’m getting used to the workflow on the digitakt, but a few different workflow options is always nice.


Maybe worth trying an OT if can find a good used price? It has this functionality you’re looking for in an Elektron environment and not sure it makes sense from Elektron’s POV to add these kind of things to DT while OT is still in production… OT + DT would cover almost everything tho, only thing really missing in that setup is Polyphonic tracks…

speaking of which, I was just thinkin this morning, polyphonic track setup like on A4 would be great :ok_hand:


Yup, I’d love to see Elektron finally look at polyphonic sampling. Guess it just doesn’t feature in their own music/requirements much :confused: A4 style voice allocation would be great. I’d probably grab a DT if they put it in there…

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well yeah but you run out of options fast with only 1 lfo

what really surprises me is that midi tracks don’t have a dedicated arpeggiator

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Yeah that’s the OT workaround too but it’s more like programming/layering than ‘playing’ polyphonically tho. Not really comparable in terms of being able to instinctively search for notes/chords/layers by ‘playing’. Op1 is great for this, just misses timestrech. Microsampler’s the only hardware that I have that does both poly+timestrech… Elektron seem determined to avoid it :frowning:

I think most of these have been covered already, but from my perspective the following would be good.

Hinted at by Elektron:

  • Compressor / sidechain / EQ / filter on Master channel
  • Pattern chains saved automatically with each project
  • Notch / comb / other filter models

No evidence they’re likely, but seem relatively feasible:

  • “Load kit data” option alongside save / clear / reload, to enable copying of kits between patterns
  • Scale per track
  • Polyphonic recording on MIDI tracks
  • MIDI retriggers
  • Naming MIDI CCs
  • Full data transfer
  • Selecting root note in chromatic mode
  • Button press + encoder to lock changes to integer values

Stuff which I assume involves substantial changes to the code / business model, and is probably never going to happen:

  • Linking two mono audio tracks as a stereo pair (even if you could only do this on two tracks per pattern, and only record into it through resampling or file transfer, it would still be a gamechanger)
  • Push-esque scales in chromatic mode
  • No time restrictions on USB main output streaming via Overbridge Basic (I get that Elektron need to push people to pay for Premium, but the current Basic offer seems pretty stingy)
  • Ability to send external inputs (as 2x mono or stereo pair) to effect sends / Master mixer