The Digitakt Feature Request Thread

Well, the track record on this very request for the OT over the years hasn’t borne much fruit yet :wink:

Sure would be handy I agree (like A4 performance macro titles)


It would be very handy, very easy too add (just make it a global setting) and would save a ton of work. Who can remember all the Midi CCs?…It would help to make the digitakt the perfect midi sequencer (don’t wanna get a mpc, love elektrons workflow :slight_smile:

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yea totally, individual track speed multiplier per track would be AWESOME. like on OT.
I wish wish all the boxes had it. really opens things up.


delay/reverb FX on audio inputs


Simon - Can you please let us know what the plan is as far as being able to save pattern chains?

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+1 !


Arpeggiator in live recording mode, especially for MIDI
MIDI LFO being able to control note number


Independent delay+reverb for each track would be a nice addition too.


Bandpass and notch would be GREAT additions!
My Digitakt arrives tomorrow… :relaxed:



_indvidual track speed, multipliers !!!
_save one Pattern Chain per Bank !
_BP Filter !!!
_Master: Comp !!! (+ sidechain send)

visual feedback:
_midi CC Naming !
_Pan: …circular graphics as common / as is is childish. less functionality.


The ability to load a pattern for only “tagged track”.
It’s common on tracker like lsdj, nanoloop, lgpt, picoloop.
For example, you tagged track 2,3,5 then load pattern, and only track 2,3,5 change to the new pattern.


@yoyz2k This!
I had thought of it the other way round, “holding” tracks through a pattern change.
e.g “Hold” tracks 2,3,5 on pattern 1, then load pattern 2, and tracks 2,3 and 5 from pattern 1 continue to play.
“Reload Ptn” could then be used to switch tracks 2,3,5 to pattern 2 when ready.
Essentially the same thing.

Another way the same thing could be implemented would be the ability to copy selected tracks ahead to a receiving pattern. As long as it can be done without stopping transport.

The “tagged track” or “hold track” might make more sense though.

I’m almost sold on the Digitakt. This sort of functionality to allow flow between patterns is about the only thing missing for me.

Could use my H9 as a MIDI synced looper or just use some other gear through transitions, but it would be nice to be able to use just a Digitakt for a really minimal live setup.


And some way of saving it like a “sound”.

Would be nice to be able to rename the tracks on master page, default track names looks confusing as is. Could use more generic “A-G” names too.

Plus some way to backup/restore the whole machine (can OB do this?). Important for those who want to play live with it.

  • second lfo per track
  • various play directions per track (forward, backward, pingpong, random)
  • using audio in with fx like on the a4. so you could sequence an external synth without an additional mixer/fx-setup.

no other things needed. :sunglasses:


Sampling cut to the beat i.e. Sampling starts on beat 1 and continues for a specified numbers of beats or bars.

I’m thinking of capturing my midi sequences that don’t start on the 1



When you hold down the TRK button, it would be nice to have the leds indicate which tracks are actually active and playing. That way you can easily navigate which sound you are looking for when you’ve already pressed down the TRK button.


func + click = encoder to 0 !