The Cassette thread


Here’s a jam I did on the pioneer SP-16. I recorded the stereo outs to the Fostex 250

And just the audio


Sounds like a plan. I’ve got a long weekend coming up so I might record a few Bass tones and rhythms, and some OB-6/Volante obscurities onto an SA90.


In my dreams! (well, I have a volante… want an OB-6)

on-topic: I packed up my two cassette machines and sent them out for maintenance. I figured it would be best to get them tip-top before getting to work with them.


I can add some meeblip sounds, let me know when your done and I’ll pm you my address. (If that is how this works…?)


A friend gave this to me, but it appears dead so far. I’ve tried three power supplies and nothing.


Dude, oh no way, weirdly enough I took my Fostex X26 to the pawn shop down the road and was gutted as I didn’t include the mains… I’ve still got the official mains!!! Inbox to talk!

PS. I’ll give for free


DUDE!!! :clap:

This is absolutely excellent! The pads sound like a fluffy cloud that would catch me if I fell, the drums sound dope, and the video… the video is awesome! I particularly loved the part that showed the VU meters. You were just in the red. I was looking at my VU’s all day yesterday. Ive been pushing mine a bit harder to punch the components and add some distortion.

What gear did you use?


Hey thanks for that, you’re too kind.

This whole beat is sample based and sequenced all on the Pioneer SP-16. I then recorded just the stereo out on the SP to cassette on a Fostex 250 4 Track machine. On playback I ran it into an old Fostex 350 mixer for a second EQ. It’s an 8 track mixer that’s nothing special on spec but I’m quite fond of the sound of it.

That’s it really. No other outboard gear to speak of other than using a basic Line 6 IPad connection to record the stereo play back of the cassette coming out of the mixer while I shot the video.


Really clever flip on that vocal sample, nice job!


Not at all. And that’s a second bit of inspiration from you today - humbleness.

I recorded a bunch of synth sounds yesterday from my hardware. Going to put them into the OT today and jam. I intend on making something similar to yours - lofi n housey- a genre I always wanted to make but never got round to it.


I used to listen to my small but fine Seil Records Cassette releases collection on a nice Panasonic RX-D55AEG-K Stereo-Radiorecorder.
Recently i had to give that Panasonic to my Kids, because their CD Player got broken.

Now what to get? Should simply get the RX-D55 again, or should i better get Something Like an old multitracker from Fostex, Yamaha or Tascam and use that also to record some of my Ambient Tracks to send them in to some Labels? Do Labels even still accept cassettes?

And if a multitracker, whats worth to get? Or is there any other modern Tape recorder Like the Panasonic Worth to Check Out?
I was looking through some private auctions, but there is so much…

This was also nice to read:


Those Fostex and Tascam 4 tracks are great. But set a reasonable price limit and don’t go above, cos some people are starting to ask a bit more than they’re worth. I haven’t got my own, but keep occasionally eyeing them!


Thank you! I am Not sure If i really need so many Tracks. Maybe a more simple unit Like a Marantz PMD or even smaller Sony WMD. But you are right. Ppl ask sometimes for absurd prices.


Excuse me, but aren’t the Sony WMDs DAT recorders? Meaning they are recording digitally and won’t introduce the analog noise floor you are looking for in a cassette player??


The YAMAHA MT4X is a fine sounding 4 track cassette deck.Not much hiss either.


Oh lordy, yes you are right, i was looking for a portable pro sony walkman and that came up.

Which i meant was the Sony WM-D6C.

Interesting read here:


I found a Sony WM EX 194…i think for playing back this will do it. For recording…i will stay away from multitracker …GAS source…

p.s. i still Hope someone will do Copy the OP1 Tape Emulation including the Tape Tricks, Pitch Up/down, put that into a Digitakt Box, add hi quality fx unit, add the Clean boost circuitry from the analog heat and sell that as a 4x multitracker for 399. Instant buy for me…



I found this in my parent’s house :
Work pretty well, good quality recording and playing. I listened my old rap cassette, cool vibes.


Cool Site!

EDIT: I just found Out that the Tascam 202 MKVII and the Teac W-1200(B) are almost identical, except the rack ears. The Teac is 100€ less in price.
Those are the only new produced Tape Decks…

Regarding the recording quality…These Units are Not Dolby certified, because the Dolby foundation doesnt issue them any longer for Tape Decks, so they implemented something Else. A review Said that the soundquality of recordings are ok, missing some bass though and the whole recording is a bit lifeless. But playing old Tapes Just Sounds great.


Look what my Brother in law brought for me yesterday as a gift…

A Grundig MK232. The thing is 30 years old, much heavier than it looks and is still working. The Sound quality of the speaker is shockingly quite good, but the engine is a bit wobbly. It probably needs to get a Service. Brilliant! Need to find a technician in Hamburg now.