The Calling for Digitakt

The Calling — the namesake of [Dapayk's new album]( — collects sounds designed for said album, and are inspired by the creator's background in Broken Beats and Bass music, spiced up with a modern club touch. The Calling combines sources such as a modular system, Analog Four, and [Eva Padberg's beautiful voice]( — adding that ephemeral human touch — all run through an old Soundcraft Ghost console, into a warm, slightly nostalgic collection of 116 percussive, melodic, and vocal one-shot samples, formatted for Digitakt. Download the free demo pack and purchase at []( And, don't forget: All Elektron sample packs are compatible with [Octatrack](, [Digitakt](, [Analog Rytm](, and any other sampler that handles WAV files!


Yeah! Now i can sound exactly like Dapayk. No need to find my own style. Thank you Elektron!


I would love to have a nice sample set with male and female singing or spoken words…for ambient music. Is there something out there affordable? Otherwise i´ll stick to my practise, sampling from youtube…