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Sure you can duplicate and reach those sort of things but that’s not only that… there’s per note expression modulation, per note pitch editing, per note PAN expression, per note pressure… etc …

Very powerful for people who like micro editing…
I think then opened that territory when including MPE support :wink:

You have a whole article here if interested :

i really like the Panorama P1 … It currently has the best screen among all available MIDI controllers and you can use it to do step sequencing with Bitwig.

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any push 2 templates available for bitwig?

Yup, just Google push4bitwig

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Works great here. But I use touch as more of a sporadic convenience than the core of my workflow. I actually don’t even use the touch template usually because I don’t really do note entry via the screen and so prefer spending the screen real estate on other things. Agree it takes some getting used to. But I’d be just as happy without touch

I registered my license on the 28th of February 2017…they will release v2.3 by the end of February…hopefully I’ll be lucky enough to be eligible to still get it…fingers crossed

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I found the template and looked at the tutorial videos but ther’s nothing about using the Push to do parameter automation in the step sequencer… Have they implemented this?

I’m not sure actually, it’s been a couple of years since I used it.

Bitwig has been my favorite DAW of all time. Feels like an instrument, very inspirational.


That’s kinda my point. I ended up not really using the touch interface at all so I went back to my MBP with a nice trackball as my preferred pointing device.

I do love Bitwig though. :slight_smile:

Been playing with the 2.3 beta tonight and I have to say I’m very impressed. The addition of new timestretch algorithms really push the whole workflow forward, really it’s amazing how open ended it feels now. Phase is a great new synth, although I feel the presets are a bit weak, they really don’t showcase the power of it. Stacking voices is amazing, loving that. But yeah, star of the update to me is the ts algo’s. Bitwig is really starting to mature in to a brilliant place to create and explore. :+1:

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How you get it I didn’t receive anything :frowning:

Edit : OK I get it :wink: THANKS to let me know

I received an email from BW with a link to it, it’s open to all v2 user I think.

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Oh ok, cool :sunglasses:

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What is the best control surface for Bitwig? They seem to have done a decent job with the Ableton Push but is there something more integrated?

nektar Panorama (in the form of Mixer or Keyboard controller) with too much hassle in mapping after that probably Novation Launchpad Pro (in the form of grid controller like Push)

But there’s (I think) nothing in terms of DAW with integrated controller like Ableton + Push2
The most close to that is Machine Software + Machine Controller (as Machine is close to a DAW)

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Bitwig Studio 2.3 Beta 2

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Some Controllers Integration for Bitwig


Does anyone know a good way to delete automatic controls parameter controls in Bitwig?

I want to play around with some of the Arturia V collection in there, but Arturia threw in SO MANY parameters that are not always applicable and it just pollutes things for modulation.

Bitwig is amazing- I’m still toying around with the demo until I can get comfortable with it(and have the money to buy a license) but I love just about everything about it(except for the Windows style screen options)