[ The BITWIG Thread ] v3 Coming!


I think I just not understood :slight_smile:
What extension you’re talking about ?

paying about €10 each month to stay updated

There’s not suscription like a rental monthly or I miss something ?
or it’s just you divided the upgrade price by 12 :slight_smile:


The extension of your upgrade plan. You can buy and activate an upgrade plan at any time and it will just add 12 more months to your upgrade plan.

For example, suppose your current upgrade plan is active until Sep 1, 2019 and you buy an upgrade plan today for €129 (they’re having a sale), then your upgrade plan will be active until Sep 1, 2020.

There’s no monthly fee; that’s just what you end up paying roughly to stay on their upgrade plan if you renew your upgrade plan ahead of time whenever they’re having a sale.


Sorry I’m tired and misunderstood … extension : I have a VST or something in mind… and speaking about 10 a month : I understand maybe they made a new model with a pay by month :stuck_out_tongue:

OK it’s still the same.


I think this sounds really cool.


Version 3.0 is out! Someone test it with Overbridge quick! :smile:

I’ve been amazed at how well Overbridge works with Bitwig!


And i’ve got the 3.0 with my 1 year upgrade plan so i’ve got 2.5 + 3 for the same price. Kinda like that pricing model TBH. I wont upgrade until i see something i need.


Me too. I’m a fan. It seems fair to me.


First time I’ve been tempted back itb in a long time (the grid). pity its not on IOS but it looks mint.