[ The BITWIG Thread ] v3 Coming!


Thanks. I had about five mins with the beta and I was shocked at how much clearer everything looked! Like I had cleaned my glasses. :laughing:

I don’t think I can go back… :frowning:


Since 3.0 is only in Beta right now, I think the answer is no, but you should confirm in the Bitwig website. You’ll probably have to wait until the 8-Track version is updated to 3.0.


I ask because last time I checked, the 8-track version was stuck featurewise on pre bitwig2-days (before the subscription model) and without features like the new modulation system.


When I said “kindly” that subscription model for the price tag is shitty everyone said nooooooo I disagree I’m fine with that !

Don’t remember if you was in those people thought hahaha
Me too I freeze the thing after one year… 159 EUR every year is something…

For that price you can get a super awesome subscription for plugin bundle monthly - or be able to manage all family members birthday gift for the year (huh ok small gift … just kidding a bit)

not to mention Ableton Live get not major updates every year so at the end I don’t know which one is the cheapest. I don’t have modular and I’m not interested into either as hardware or software so… there’s nothing scientist in me, I can only code a website in html/css - the step for php and javascript is a pain - my brain can’t handle it

But bitwig is serious in the DAW game for sure


I used 8-Track a few months ago and it was up to 2.4, if I recall. I upgraded to the full Bitwig shortly after. It’s not perfect, but the modulation system is vital for me. I can’t go back to Ableton.


Yer but the benefit is you can wait a year then re buy in when the features interest you. I don’t do much in DAW lately so Studio One does all the fundamentals that I need but Bitwig is more fun to use. I think you were the one who got me into it originally due to its friendliness with OB, it’s great software. I might buy back in on a good deal. I hope life is treating you well my friend.


About the suscription model someone could have bought Bitwig 1.3 for example, get 1 year of update included and decide to wait for version 3 (the modular). So for 159 you get a hell of an update (version 2 + 3) ! Myself will probably wait until modular 3 is stable but my version will continue to work.
I guess if you want to stay updated all the time its not cheap but i never paid 159 for Bitwig , just wait for a deal :slight_smile:


Bitwig is not subscription based. It’s rather “pay once, use forever” + “pay for new version updates, while getting minor versions for free”, so you basically pay 160€ if you want the new minor-major versions, if you don’t… you don’t need to pay anything to use Bitwig for years.

Ableton Suite is priced at 600€, and the upgrades are around 250€… but you don’t think that you pay “250€” every 2-3 years, but also you don’t get many updates after a major version is released with Ableton.

I recently upgraded from 8-track to Studio (they had 100€ sale for 8-track owners), just 240€, with 12-months of updates. So I bought Bitwig Studio 2.5, but it will become Bitwig Studio 3 in some weeks, without me paying nothing. If anyone buys an Ableton Live just before a new version is released, you have to pay to upgrade to a new version, or if you just buy after the new release is available… then you won’t get any important update until a new version is released and you pay the price for that.

A quick calculation: My initial payment is 240€, includes 12 months of upgrades. And if I purchase 2 update package later, priced at 160€… after 3 years of updates I will have the latest version in 3 years, and only paid 560€, still cheaper than Ableton Live Suite, and having the latest version. But also, I don’t have to buy any update packages immediately when it expires.


Yes you right …

Yes at the time it was a very nice combo, no doubt it still a very nice combo…
But I can’t try… (for now)


yes it’s not really a subscription model, but you know well as me as when something is released like “just” a sampler, you will want it and pay to get the latest updates so it can be “pay once, use forever” but not for everyone if you feel attracted by new features. (features that are from the beginning in Ableton Live Suite I mean it’s a sampler right)

So I know you right but still… I think they smart enough so it’s pay once, use forever… but you will want the latest features so at some point it can be the same price as Ableton Live suite.

also another thing to keep in mind is OSX upgrades, people on PC are less pre-occupied by updates nowadays but us on OSX it’s still every year a major operating system… and in that case Bitwig “may be” compatible or buggy, then you need to update…

I’m not eager to the price tag thought…
And what I try to demonstrate will not be ok with everyone… it’s a bit subjective to me maybe also.

And also, it’s a matter of when people jump it the bitwig wagon I jump inside bitwig before all the latest new features. People who bought it recently, get a super nice set of features, not the same for someone who bought it 3 years ago…

So there’s matter to discuss I guess.
As Bitwig haven’t dedicated controller… (like Push2) it may affect some people too


Tons of fun! Buggy as all get out, one crash, and multiple audio drops solved with a re-load.

But tons of fun, just spent an hour messing around and managed to produce some decent octafood. :slight_smile:


Time to switch ! :slight_smile:


Some people think the PUSH2 scrip for Bigwig I actually netter than the LIVE implementation!

Personally I think Bitwig really shines with MPE controllers rather than just push buttons. This is a good low cost option and has dedicated MPE scripts for Bitwig and you can select the drum or key mode etc directly from Bitwig when you change overlay. https://sensel.com/blogs/news/bitwig-studio-integration


FWIW, you can easily get yearly upgrades for less if you buy an extension when they have a sale or a discount instead of waiting until your currently active plan runs out. This way you end up paying about €10 each month to stay updated.


How can you give a real world example ? thanks


I’m in since V1 and I have to admit I was a bit skeptical with their new economic model until I understood I do not need to always have latest iteration…

I now pay for what it is and for the actual features and not for what it will hypothetically be someday…Or not…
Applying this to hardware synth/boxes including :3lektron: has been quite liberating ! :smiley:

…'cept for :elot:'bugs…

:blush: #notyetbuddah


Was that a question for me? What exactly do you want an example of?


…except that with bitwigs business model you dont really know what you will get in your yearly subscription (except a pretty vague roadmap concerning upcoming features and timeline)

When you are unlucky your subscription runs out before long awaited feature X arrives…I dont find that very appealing


I can’t make it more clear…


Well, I think there’s real value to this model as I said before (go back up to read my full argument):