[ The BITWIG Thread ] v3 Coming!


honestly thought this was a joke (at the expense of hardware eurorack). the first criticisms out of the gate have me laughing already!

the grid looks insanely powerful and user-friendly. I’d encourage everyone to watch this 11-minute video to get a sense of the workflow and possibilities before reflexively commenting.

I’m just diving in to try it out now (had been holding off on upgrading since my license expired a year ago - today seems to be the sufficiently exciting day to pull that trigger)


…there are sequencer modules? I was just thinking about pulling out my iPad due to the lack of fun step sequencer devices in Bitwig!


The help system is really clever. You can use the module in this mode !
I mean this is the actual device where every parameters are accessible. Brillante :slight_smile:
EDIT : You just have to select a module and click “help” a popup appear .


Some Seq modules :


You can zoom out and in :

The sequencer module can be resized and have the amount of step you want.
Mixer module adapt themeself automatically when you add a connection so you dont have to choose how many input you need.


The grid seems fantastic. Just wondering: what’s the cheapest way to get a hold of Bitwig 8 Track? In Australia.


Thank you! I was able to watch the video while I did some dishes. I appreciate you posting he additional screen shots and info. Time in short supply these days!

The built in documentation is genius.

Anyone know if it’s possible to have 3.0 and 2.5 at the same time on one machine? Tried to google it and didn’t see a short/quick answer.


probably buy some sort of controller or cheap sound card with software bundle. Bitwig 8 track is often in bundled just to find the one with bitwig is inside :wink:


Bitwig seems to be bundled with Nektar Keyboard
with Arturia keyboard too apparently

important! (to verify)

With ESI soundcards too


Thanks, good to know!


if you don’t have midi keyboard yes ! plus, nectar keyboard are very great with bitwig

confirmed here for Nektar LX49+ as well as Nektar Impact LX25+


You can have both installed. In fact, it’s encouraged for the beta. None of your 3.0 projects can work in 2.5, so there’s a warning not to use 3.0 beta for anything important you’re working on (I will ignore this warning, probably)


The help system is SO wonderful. i’m never really all that lost because of it, even working with complex concepts and terminology. I have the help open as I’m tweaking every module individually, even the ones I get, because it’s just really cool and keeps me situated and focused.

(The book Patch & Tweak is a very handy guide for more involved questions like “what the hell is a rectifier”, highly recommended as a companion)


Playing with The Grid confirmed why I always choose modular if I have the option: within an hour or two I already had created a synth patch that sounds way better than anything I had made with any stock synth from Bitwig 2. Fully polyphonic, multiple filters in parallel, AM modulation, wavefolding, with 3 oscilloscopes throughout the signal chain to visualize how the sound is transformed. It’s the real deal.


The Grid is a game changer for Bitwig, it moves it away from Ableton clone territory (in my opinion it was already far superior to Live suite which I also own) and it becomes ‘more than a DAW’.

It isn’t just the power and sound of the grid, it’s the careful, thoughtful way the Bitwig team put musicality and ease of use first. It’s all about workflow and simplicity without sacrificing flexibility and depth…you just find yourself creating no wondering how to do things…it really is a beautifully crafted with so many little features that make you smile (like mini oscilloscope displays of each modules inputs and outputs in the inspector)

Just an amazing launch and it seems very stable for a beta- I lost 4 hours on it last night and found no issues.


This looks amazing! Might finally be time for me to upgrade from V1


Does the 8 Track version now have all the new features like modulators and the grid?


I’m tempted to upgrade too…but will wait for a reduced price.


I’ve thought about this in the past but the discount on the upgrade has been pretty small


Yer I know. I opted to upgrade Studio One to 4 as my main daw and let Bitwig go due to higher cost but new features look good. Will likely wait 6 months and see how it goes.