[ The BITWIG Thread ] v3 Coming!


I wanted to bump this post again. Although I ordered the print version, the free Bitwig 8-Track license offer expires on Feb 20 and it takes a very long for print issues to arrive in locations outside the U.K.

Save yourself some heartache and get the digital version through ZINIO and you’ll still get Bitwig 8-Track, just a lot quicker! I did it last night and I’m greatly enjoying both 8-Track and the @Scot_Solida feature article.

It’s going to be very hard not to upgrade to the full version. That Phase-4… Yum!


It’s a timely bump… I picked up the paper copy from the supermarket back in December when i was moving house and had no internet. Only just finding time to download and play with the Bitwig 8-Track but have discovered that the Filesilo is currently down for maintenance… just my luck.


…aaaand my print version arrived today.


Glad the bump helped! I can’t wait to dig in.


Would like to try out Bitwig and 8 track for £5 seems like a good way to do so - but no VSTs? Can’t see myself really digging in, especially with no way to try out OB in it.


You can try out the demo of Bitwig with all features including VST support just with saving and exporting disabled.


You can load two VST plugins in the 8-Track version.


Bitwig supports VSTs. It does not support AUs. Maybe that’s what you’re thinking of.


No saving is also a deal breaker for me when seriously considering switching DAWs. (I’m too cheap to buy a license just to see if I like it.)

Don’t use AUs, just remember someone in this thread saying 8-track didn’t support VSTs.

Thanks, this is probably what I was thinking of. 2 plugins might be enough for me to get a feel for it.


Bitwig 8-Track will let you save. The Bitwig demo will not (I’ve been using the latter on and off for the last week and yes, no saving is a drag).

The person who said Bitwig doesn’t support VSTs is incorrect. As @Scot_Solida clarified, you can use 2.

I personally think 8-Track is a no brainer to try for $4.99 US, but I also understand that the trial version may not appeal to everyone. Then again, it lets you save, so…


I found out I’ve got an old license for Live Lite. Going to try out Ableton and Bitwig head to head and see what software comes out on top.
I agree, for a fiver it’s silly not to at least try it.


I’m coming “from” Live (haven’t used Live in a good five years or so, though). So far the modulators are making me wonder if I will ever go back. Bitwig feels like the playground I thought Live was intended to be.

That being said, I haven’t gotten anywhere near actually recording hardware or putting a song together in Bitwig, so who knows if it’s approaches on those things will ruin it for me.

I hope not. :smiley:

Good luck! 8-Track is still cheaper than a Grabde Latte enema.


Do any of you Bitwig users use MPE? I’m interested in how easy it is to set up an MPE controller with the internal instruments.

I also have a question about mapping something like a Roli Block to MIDI CCs to control external hardware.

Thanks in advance for any insights…



MPE just works.


Bitwig 3.0 (beta)



Who’s going to be first? :smile:


The modules are too big; such a waste of space.


Don’t get me started on the layout and wasted space of the browser.


What are you taking about , you can resize the module like you want , you can hide the browser too.


Didnt have lots of time to play with it but first impression is wow !
You can zoom out or zoom in, looks like its all vector graphic. Its also possible to resize some modules like the sequencer etc.


^ Oh ok then! Thnx