[ The BITWIG Thread ] v3 Coming!


At what point did you struggle? I don’t know if it’s always been this easy but you just choose the cc parameter you want to automate from a drop down list now.


That’s why I wish Bitwig would be able to run as a plugin in other software(Ableton) as a sound source it’s off the charts, but to actually be forced to acclimate my entire workflow around said soundsource seems a touch out of reach. Bitwig, to me, seems mostly like a sonic playground in conparison to my main DAW Ableton.

I hate to seem unreasonable, but it feels natural to want to pull that sonic playground into my self-appointed construction site


Just use it to build stems and loops for other day, hardware. I use Studio One 4 as my main daw but Bitwig is so much fun to play with it hits my synthesis buttons


Valid point. But if I’ve learned anything from working with Elektron (pre/post Overbridge)- what feels right in the moment is most commonly not the right decision


Well, we (Ableton Users) have this modular environment since the launch of maxforlive.
With all the ups and downs. Just open the max editor in live and start patching.

There are some really cool modular synths eg.

BEAP - https://www.ableton.com/de/blog/beap-powerful-modules-max-live/
OSCiLLOT - https://www.ableton.com/de/packs/oscillot/
CC Signal (Coming Soon) - https://vimeo.com/311859699

Sky is the limit when you get down and start building your own devices.

Nevertheless iam really looking forward to Bitwig v3 :sunglasses:
although I will not give up Ableton, to much time invested allready.


v3 does look great. I like the look and feel of Bitwig, probably more than Live actually, but I like Push2 and my KK mk2 a hell of a lot more than anything that’s on offer via Bitwig. Not that I’m using either much at the moment mind you!!!

I quite like the idea of using Bitwig more as an instrument alongside some choice gear (OT for example). sure that’s possible with Live too but I think that’s where my headspace is at with Bitwig - I see it more as a live tool than I see Live that way!!!


It’s not unreasonable at all to not want to completely relearn your current workflow. There are al lot of similarities between Bitwig and Ableton, but a lot of things are also slightly different, and especially if you’ve spent time adding third-party components and/or your own customisations.

However, as someone who moved over from Ableton Live to Bitwig Studio a few years back, I want to repeat that this is your experience right now, and that this is not some kind of limitation of lack of maturity in terms of features that make Bitwig unsuitable as one’s primary DAW. :slight_smile:


I would love few skin choice thought…


Nah. I’d rather have their designers optimize that for me.


Maybe some kind soul can help me, i just upgraded my Bitwig licence to 2.4 and i got two questions.

  1. What would be a recommended resource for getting started with Bitwig, eg. online course or tutorial,
    especially if you are a Live user. I want to get it right from the get go.

  2. I know there is the great Bitwig Studio Extension, wich let´s you use Push 1/2 in Bitwig. But for some strange reason i can´t get it to work properly with Bitwig 2.4.3. Edit: This was fixed by Jürgen with the updated 5.01 version of the Moss Extension Script :thup:

Thanx in advance and have a nice day :grinning:


The previous issue of Computer Music magazine featured a bunch of “getting started” tutorials using the cut-down Bitwig Studio 8-Track. These tutorials also apply to the full version. A few videos are included Full disclosure: I write for Computer Music and did, in fact, write the Bitwig Studio feature in question.


Thank you scot :thup:


Read the manual. It’s good.

Jürgen Moßgraber provides pretty excellent support, especially considering the DrivenByMoss extension is entirely free and Open Source and he’s not getting paid for his work on it in any way.

My recommendation would be look in the DrivenByMoss thread on ther KVR forums to see if other people have the same issues as you have, and to post a message asking for help if you can’t find a solution there. See https://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=268&t=502948


Might seem like a dum question, but is this issue still available? Will it be available through the end of January?

Edit: ordered! Magazine technology has kept pace. I’m no longer 13 years old drooling over import copies of CM, Future Music and Sound on Sound in the bookstore. I’m much older and ordering a copy on the Internet! :open_mouth:


Back in 1999/2000 I used to ride the bus for many miles to the only local (then Colorado Springs) bookstore that carried Computer Music. The imported issues were always quite expensive, many months behind, and more often than not, the cover-mounted CDs had been purloined by nimble-fingered shoplifters. The store only ordered a few copies and they were always sold out within a day. It was a gamble, getting on that bus in the hopes that I’d find an intact copy.


Yes of course RTFM :blush: that will be my go to reference, though i also like good tutorials esp. when they show some cool tricks.

But no problem the Push 1 and Push 2 scripts are working like a champ now🤙

Danke Jürgen :v::love_you_gesture::metal:


I did the Ask video tutorials by Thavius Beck, recommended if you like video tutorials.

See here: https://www.bitwig.com/en/community/learning.html

Although you might want to the Ask Video site direct, pay for a month and do a mission on the tutorials.


Hmmmm… like others I’m a long (long, long) time Live using who’s happy with what it does and have invested plenty into over the years but there’s been more than a few times I’ve been curious about Bitwig. Coincidentally, I’d got the last issue of CM purely because the cut-down version of Bitwig… need to find some time to play with it. And with virtual modular environments being like the proverbial cat nip I can foresee me wrestling with whether to take the plunge and get it… especially if there is any kind of intro deal or decent upgrade path from the cut-down version.



ok, things get quite complicated now…