[ The BITWIG Thread ] v3 Coming!


This looks really amazing


Looks good…but you guys do know about Reaktor right? Then again if BW3 and its modular part are multi-core that would be something.


Sure. Judging from my experience with Bitwig and Reaktor so far, this will integrate much nicer with the overall DAW workflow, will be much easier to use, and will contain mostly modules designed more towards slightly higher-level creative use rather than the more lower-level processing units Reaktor is built around.


Exactly, MAX and Reaktor have a steep learning curve and are more like visual programming languages, this is far more like a Modular synth full of logic gates, oscillators, function generators that just cable up and then appear as an instrument/fx/modulator in our rack for interaction with VSTs or output/.input CVs etc.

It may actually be useful for the masses…


Perfect DAW integration is going to be the big advantage with Bitwig.

  • Grid devices can be nested or layered along with other devices and your plug-ins, and they are controllable from the same Open Controller API.
  • Song position is available as a sample-accurate signal, locking your work in The Grid to your project’s timeline.
  • Draw Arranger or clip-based automation for any parameter in your new grid patches, even in combination with Bitwig Studio’s existing modulators.
  • Modules like envelopes, LFOs, and sequencers all have modulator outputs as well. And just as Bitwig Studio’s modulators can control any parameter in The Grid , any grid signal can be used to modulate child devices.
  • Your hardware modular rig is completely integrated, with dedicated grid modules for sending any control, trigger, or pitch signal as CV Out and receiving any CV In ."


Darn it! This is right after my year ends! It looks cool, but I think I’m going to pass until they make Bitwig able to be used as a plug in inside Ableton.

Ableton just seems nice for arranging and laying out tracks, but I do enjoy using Bitwig for ITB sound design


Except for the “I’m used to Ableton and I don’t feel like spending time learning another DAW”, I honestly can’t think of anything significant thing you can do in Ableton that you can’t do in Bitwig in this regard.


Run Clyphx Pro X would be the first thing, use the awesome library of M4L devices would be the second.

The Push software for Bitwig felt clanky the last time I used it as well


It is supposed to work much better now, but I haven’t tried it myself.

Push obviously provides excellent controller integration for Ableton, but how does that help with arrangement and laying down tracks?


It’s how I work?

I don’t just click and drag things to the timeline. I like to be able to feel everything out


holy shit! this, paired with an ES-8 and some good analogue oscillators and filters/effects in a small skiff will give endless sound-design opportunities!

i recently started to dive into max/msp for replacing “logic”-modules by own creations, but the learning-curve is extremely steep, and this could be a nice workaround :slight_smile: .

i think i will dive deeper into max for complex sequencing, but when it comes to “common-logic” used in eurorack, this upgrade will definitely be way more hands-on!


Care to elaborate? Are we talking about clip launching while recording to the linear timeline here?

Just trying to understand how you approach arranging in this context. :slight_smile:


Yeah, clip launching. Experimenting with combining different clips. Stuff like that.

I’ve tried, in Ableton, to get by just clicking things to switch/activate them. I know I could just create each movement, but I feel reluctant to fill up the grid that much.

I’ll probably work with Bitwig 2 more with my new experimental project I’m working with to grab soundscapes and compile them in Ableton. Also, being shifted over to Bitwig would require more investment while I’ve already got Ableton 10 Suite.

I’m happy you enjoy Bitwig as it’s designed, I enjoy it as a mad scientist playground/experimental instrument, Ableton just keeps me contained.

Also, mostly right now, I’m just focusing on a place to fine tune the output of my Elektron/Overbridge recordings


Just like Reaktor Blocks. Just saying. Multi-core cpu usage would be a winner though.


Got it, thanks. I’m doing effectively the same thing in Bitwig with a Launchpad Pro as the controller.

Please note that I’m not trying to convert you or anything; was just wondering if I’m missing out on anything new or interesting added to Ableton since I sold my license a few years back. :slight_smile:


Best I could think of would be that Clyphx Pro- it presents a sorta coding environment inside Ableton. Helps to automate certain tasks, but also is capable of saving and loading snapshots that can be loaded by crossing a marker on the timeline, or by launching a clip.

What I want to try out is sequencing all my instruments externally and use session view as a means to load snapshots- effectively turning it into a RYTM scene macro


Mmm… Should I switch from Ableton ? I need to think about it.


Will upgrade for this


I think the same everytime I see a Bitwig update, they’re doing a great job. I tried a demo version time ago and I liked a lot but kept working on Ableton :man_shrugging:t2:, now I will try the demo again when 3 is released, awesome features and GUI.


I’m completely sold already on the features. Not so much on the ergonomics. Of course it may be that I’m just too used to Ableton, but last time I tried Bitwig I struggled to do simple things like automating midi CC. Maybe I just need to watch a few tutorials.