[ The BITWIG Thread ] v3 Coming!


i haven’t dabbled with using an external controller yet with bitwig…primarily just recording audio and arranging from there.

i’m also trying the figure the best way to use the mutliclock plugin (sends the out to one of my outputs to keep gear in time with daw) and the best thing i’ve decided on was to use an effect track since mute/solo won’t affect this.

i was thinking there must be something that could do this more easily within bitwig.

any ideas?


I would like to mention something with Bitwig it’s its price model…
What Bitwig cost : 379 EUR + 159 EUR every year then

When Ableton suite 10 is 599 EUR and Upgrade when a new version is released is 249 €
Live 9 and the Push hardware were released on March 5, 2013 … so it’s easy to make the math. Bitwig is not cheap at all :wink:

I think it’s important to consider Price model… Bitwig sounds like a subscription to me. And really, nothing justify this. Ableton Live Suite 10 is still a very nice DAW (and after using Bitwig quite extensively I do think Ableton instruments are better) For the DAW itself each have its cons and pros

And there’s not really a dedicated Bitwig controller like Push 2 for Ableton. it may be a cons for a lot of people.


Bitwig is not subscription, you pay for updates when you want them and get a years free updates when you do that- no different to any other DAW (other than a years worth of free updates, not just the update you choose pay for). I am on 2.3, I have not paid for subscription and everything works fine + I have had 3 free bug fixes and small updates. WHEN Bitwig produce another up[date that I think is worth paying 100 quid for, I will upgrade (then I get all other upgrades free for a year)

I paid to upgrade to V2 which was a big upgrade, then I got a years worth of free updates which even on there own would have been worth another upgrade fee (more than from Live 9-10 which took 5 years and costs a lot more)

Personally (although I have Live 9 suite ands Cubase 9.5) I think Bitwig is the fastest developing and by far the most imitative DAW (its already ahead of the field for CV/modulation/tablet use) I just hope more people realise that it isn’t subscription and that you don’t have e to pay every year to use it- It more like the NI Komplete updates, just dive back in when the value is there for you…


I disagree. Bitwig adds major new features in each point release. For example, 2.3 just added a new synth, new device views, time signature changes, Elastique time stretching, new devices, a new stacking modulator, as well as sound content updates.

Ableton only adds new feature in each major release.

Also, you currently pay €379 for a license including 12 months of free updates.

If you’ve bought a version of Bitwig previously, you can currently pay €159 to upgrade to the latest version including 12 months of free updates.

However, before your 12 months of free updates runs out, they’ll send you an offer to add another 12 months against a 20% discount; I paid only €129 to do so a little over a month ago.

It should also be pointed out that this is not a software-as-a-service subscription model; your application keeps running and you can always re-download and authorize the most recent version you paid for.

I actually really like this model.

First of all, you can let your 12 months run out when you’re not actively using the application for a longer period of time, and it will just keep working. You can always start paying again later when you want or need the features of the latest version.

More importantly however, I think this model allows the team to have a steady and reliable source of income from people who are actually actively using the application. This allows them to focus on ongoing maintenance and improvements and on regularly releasing useful new features, instead having to plan for multi-year development cycles with marketing-driven Big Features To Justify The Upgrade Price.

Finally, €129 or €159 is what you pay for a good plug-in synth. I probably would have paid that for Phase-4 alone.


I’m not the kind of guy not upgrade my stuff, so for me it “sounds like a subscription” (I’m not saying it’s a subscription in legal and financial terms !)

I just wanted to say that the price is not an argument in the choice between Ableton and Bitwig because it’s similar in terms of price


Yeah @t it was a important update therefore… users complain a lot of the audio algorithm lacking compares to other DAW so it’s fixed now. (they have time to recover on others! bitwig is younger so thankfully still that’s going on like this)

You right to say : your application keeps running and you can always re-download and authorize the most recent version you paid for.

Still I didn’t say it’s a subscription model, I say to me it sounds like that because i often make upgrades when they comes out… and again I prefer the Ableton instruments sounding wise (I give my opinion) After having worked quite a bit with Bitwig… both DAWs are good with their advantages and disadvantages but now I think that Bitwig is not the big DEAL as I thought it will be at the beginning if we considering Max for Live in the Ableton suite version + instruments

I just rectify old things i said when i say Bitwig is cheaper than Ableton Live suite, not really finally. But yes it’s streamline better with Elektron instruments in terms of CV/modulation/tablet I agree…


Fair enough. You could have said that to begin with. :slight_smile:

IMHO it’s interesting how often we experience this with music making tools, be it software or hardware. Nothing is perfect, even though it might feel so initially.


Yeah you absolutely right


Totally! Well put.


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Here’s what’s new in Bitwig Studio 2.4 :

  • Sampler overhaul
  • Extended MIDI channel support
  • New modulators: ParSeq-8, Note Counter
  • New devices: Note FX Layer, Channel Filter, Channel Map
  • Resizable tracks in Mix view
  • Resizable scenes in Arrange view
  • Colorable scenes
  • Controller take-over modes
  • On-screen controller visualization
  • Interaction-based hints
  • New quick start templates
  • Modulation workflow enhancements

And more…


Its also worth noting that the new API allows graphics to be pushed tp hardware controllers, so expect even better PUSH4Bitwig etc with custom Bitwig specific graphics on the hardware display :slight_smile:

This is another great update, there were 4 main reason why Live was considered ‘better’ than BWS by some users, the basic stretching algorithms (fixed, IMHO at last as good as Live now), the Sampler (fixed, better than the Live sampler now…) and the built in instruments….this is debatable, I already have the AAS stuff so don’t need it hard baked in my DAW- to me Phase4 is far more interesting than the AAS instruments in Live anyway, but I understand that is a matter of taste. Lastly, MAX. I like a DAW where I don’t have to use MAX to quickly make systems, effects, modulate analog and CV etc, never even had to look at a manual with Bitwig (had Live to V9 and never got a handle on MAX). If you are already a MAX Master then Live may be the DAW for you!

Oh, and Live is a lot more expensive :wink:


I have 2.3 but will wait now until buying another year. Don’t use it enough to upgrade right now. So new payment model is ok as I can wait to see later features before deciding.


The new payent model is ok for me.
I can still use Bitwig as long as I want and pay for the upgrade only if i want the new features.



Thanks to let us know. I modified the thread and add 2.5 features - Cheers


IMO this really make Bitwig incredible !!!



WoW :heart_eyes: looks awesome.

Best part about the news is the planned release date

“Bitwig Studio 3 will be previewed at NAMM (January 2019) and will enter public beta shortly afterwards. Expected release of Bitwig Studio 3 is Q2 2019.”

Time to upgrade my 1.0 version :wink:


Fuck yeah!


“Your hardware modular rig is completely integrated, with dedicated grid modules for sending any control, trigger, or pitch signal as CV Out and receiving any CV In”

Ho boy … Not good for my wallet … not good.