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Even when I bought a filterboard for my Shruthi-1 from, the newly built filterboard had to be tuned & calibrated manually (which tubeohm did excellently ofc). Its quite normal really with analog synths, depending on the design.

It could be argued that behri shot their own foot by not designing a circuit that wouldn’t require such manual calibration, well perhaps one cannot do it like that if you still want the D sound (?)


More info – I went back a watch the Behri D teardown video and easily counted at least 10-12 trimmers to be adjusted.


Good info Guv – i vaguely recall this now that you point this out. Perhaps given the (supposed) financial condition of Gibson (shuttering Cakewalk etc), Uli could persuade them with a few units of money – and just from good will offer a few units to Tom Oberheim as well. Or perhaps Behri can buy (or arbitrage) the whole of Gibson. Behringer makes “guitars” too after all.


Uli/Midas could try reaching out to Tom O. and hiring him as a consultant or something. His involvement would add quite a bit of luster to the UB-Xa. He has done consulting work before - Roland and Akai for example.

Similarly, they should hire Pete Zivoniev as a consultant for the VCS-3 clone :wink:


That sounds a little too ethical.
I can more likely envision Uli wearing a Tom O mask at the UB-XA launch.
Why just clone the synth :joy:


No, Uil would have someone play Jump on the UB-Xa, then play Eddie’s solo on a Gibson clone guitar.


I am sorry


Was the “Maelstrom” ever actually shown in a picture? It sounds extremely interesting to me but I never found a pic.



Says that it’s semi modular but I don’t see any patch points?


Could this be the synth with 56 patch points on the right side, it’s clearly not shown?! Seems like that’s the trend these days.

EDIT: It seems like it is! It looks pretty bad but if it keeps the same street price as the D…
Now it’s time to release a synth with more west coast design.


Someone on gearslutz said it’s 250$ If that’s true Behringer just slayed Namm :smiley:


We didn’t get to properly see D yet and now this… Unfortunately it seems like it doesn’t have an external input and that’s a bit strange for a semi modular.


Circuit board shot:


Neutron – Lemons found this over on the NAMM 2018 thread.

The video at 0:36 shows some detail of the connectors on the patch panel. Good choice of connections. I like the bank of connectors here, relative to the (fewer) and distributed connectors on the Behri-D.

I also love the RED though it has no effect on the sound – or does it?


The red makes it go faster and you look cooler mate.


Neutron Details Video Episode #2
ADDED: All talk No Music!

“We went a little mad with the patch bay.”
“Some of the patches the guys have been setting up, just sound fantastic.”



That is gonna be one bad ass synth I reckon, same oscillators as Pro-1 and other Sequential synths.


A video about a synth without actually hearing the synth should be punishable by law, they should get a fine or something :fury: :okej:


299$ :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: And to think I was about to buy a Pro-1 for 1800$ :open_mouth: well I still might though :grinning:

Behringer Neutron

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