The Behringer synth fx thread


Yeah so true.
Behringer are hopefully putting the nail in the coffin for the analog resurgence :roll_eyes:


Like how Wendy’s restaurants “killed” aioli a few years ago.


Nothing like a mass market watering down to sour the stomach.


I consider this to be a moral good. Leave nostalgia in the past- the future is waiting for us


To infinity and beyond…


Analog is like…so 2017


The future- FM Sampling/Granular


Behringer are too busy trying to clone everyone, they haven’t realised we have all moved on from what they are still trying to clone.
Too slow sorry Behringer
Here’s a thought Behringer, try and come up with an original idea!!
I know it’s not in your DNA, but give it a go why don’t ya


Deepmind was a pretty decent idea?

Also, that Maelstrom idea they were tossing around sounds like a decent idea


mmm…the deepmind doesn’t interest me at all unfortunately.
Synthesis wise no innovation, it’s just way too safe and bland.
And surprisingly looks similar to a Juno :wink:
What’s the Maelstrom?


It’s was part of their leak

From the top of the thread


More choice can only be good IMHO. FM & granular in particular is being praised to death on these boards, which is aight and all, but the more the merrier I say!

I’ll be grabbing that analog vocoder if they ever make a desktop version. It’s not a coincidence that both classic scratch sounds are vocoded speech, I bet more great sounds could be conjured with one. And running drums through a vocoder always sounds cool and you can come up with great pluck/stab hits.


You can buy the Roland Boutique version of the exact same machine today.


yes, but I am only interested if its analog. I already have several digital vocoders I can use if needed.

Even though I now own two ACB boxes, I am not convinced of the sound quality of the emulations.


Form past experience with Behringer’s audio interfaces… I would not be too excited about Maelstrom… expect bugs, glitches and firmware updates (only with a windows updater) that make things worse or do nothing.


Announcing the Behringer UB-Xa

Based in concept from the Oberheim OB-Xa. This is analog and will take about a year to develop – they’re letting this development slowly mature and not rushing. Being done by the Midas developers in Manchester UK, the people who did the Deepmind. Say what you like, Behringer is determined with a long-term vision to establish their reputation as a synth maker. Only my opinion, but it seems to me they will spend several years making quality recreations of classic products and developing their own engineering skills and reputation before moving on to more original designs.


I might be tempted by the UB-Xa. I’m guessing they’ll tweak the design somewhere - like maybe add WiFi :wink:


They say they will be tweaking the design based in part on suggestions of those interested.
How would you see WiFi working with this product?


It was a joke, based on the Deepmind feature set.


I wonder how many people use the VR interface?


Didn’t realize it costs $5000.