The Behringer synth fx thread


My deepest sympathies about that- that sounds horrible. :frowning:


Whoa man, I didn’t see your post there, sending you lots of good juju! :elan::elan:


You can see the needle? Thats horrible. I have gotten a bunch of avast eye injections (they administer them every six weeks in batches of three injections) in which I’ve never seen the needle (they always instruct me to look towards me toes)… I don’t know if I could deal with seeing the needle come in. You got guts for putting up with it.

As for the post injection eye grime - Do they ever give you these post-op eye drops (called oftagel in Finland)? They help alot IME, soothes and lubes the eye so as to not feel like a pin cushion…


A quote from Uli Behringer himself @GS:

”The Model D production has been delayed due to our massive factory move which was more challenging than we had estimated. We are confident to ship the first few hundred units from our factory by yearend, however full mass production will move into Q1 next year.”


Uli’s explanation of the leak.

This seems reasonable to me, and clears the matter up for me, it was an oops. But there will be a Behringer version of the ARP 2600! That’s good news.

There is also a discussion of this on gearnews:


Ok Shit happen. I am still not buying their Synths. :grin:
But i actually want terribly a Rev700 which i cant find anymore…


haha, this video is the first time i ever hear any company boasting about the fact that their products carry a CE label, which is obligatory if you want to sell it at all and it basically just means that you won’t get electrocuted when you touch their gear.

About the 'Behringer City' video:

Yeah that ‘commercial’ from Behringer (from a few years ago) has me scratching my head – and laughing too. Who was the customer they were advertising too? They obviously spent a bit to produce this thing. Is it just a brag by Behringer China – or was it directed at the Chinese government, or for some trade show, or for showing at some stock investor meeting?
I enjoy in a perverse way these sorts of corporate productions, all the years living in the corporate world i guess. It’s in the same way i watch Electo Harmonix ads just to see the 30 second clip they stick at the front.


Damn, I should have jumped on that thread and said lots of super nice things about the Behringer VCX3.

Then I could be just as lucky as that lucky bastid who has now been promised a free 2600 clone.


What’s this? What has an 8 x 7 plug matrix, or 56 patch points?
Certainly there is some new stuff at NAMM 2018.




A Mother 56! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


A new patchbay.


Add the possibility of a Roland VP-330 (1979 vocoder) clone? This has been a rumor for a long time (almost a year), but Behringer has surfaced it again on their fakebook page. What this adds to the party with Roland’s boutique VP-03 at $350, is not clear.

So maybe this is too much. Is this getting boring with a clone of the week?


I don’t trust Behringer and I dislike the way they handle things with “accidental” leaks, delays, too much talk and not enough action. I’ll care when their products hit the stores, not several months before. I’m already tired waiting for the Model D.


I’m actually very keen on these new announcements. The newish Roland boutiques (SE-02, TR-08, TR-09) have given me serious GAS over the behri D and their upcoming 909/808 replicas. As much as I like my boutiques, I cannot wait to hear the new replicas to know if they sound even closer to the originals (what kills me with the SE-02 is the coarse fine pitch adjustability, diminishes alot of the 3-osc magic IME). Ok, these will not have pattn memory but there will not be any discreet steps in the params either… 100% analog controls still have their place in 2018.


Behringer : You get what you pay for! :confused:
About the D : I don’t get why people still want a basic Moog-like synth in 2017. No multimode filter, no patch memories… it’s a one-trick pony. Who cares if you have a Moog sound, really? Unless you’re making 70s music I guess?

Another vocoder ? yeah that would sound so fresh :frowning:

Here’s a very educational documentary that has a few things to say about the current everything-is-made-in-China business.




Apparently in addition to the Vocoder it also includes a String Ensemble synth too! Oh and the keys are velocity sensitive now where the Roland original didn’t have that.


You know it’s time to move on from the retro nostalgia when this happens. If Behringer get into it, it is not cool anymore.