The Behringer synth fx thread


I think the Maelstrom FX box is the most likely product out of all of those to appear as a real world product.

The others I think are lawsuits waiting to happen, except maybe the VCS3 clone, which is the one I’d want the most anyway. I’m assuming Pete Zivoniev/EMS are not in a position to stop them.


You’re a better man than me- the notion of eye surgery scares the creeps outta me. I can absolutely see myself being like: “Welp, this is me now…Mr. One-Eye”

Certainly courageous- I wish you well for the rest of your recovery! :slight_smile:


I’ve had 3 eye surgeries in the last 2 years. Fortunately, my doctors were very good at what they do.

My first eye surgeon has plenty of experience calming down patients who freak out. When he told me my condition required invasive procedure, I had my first real fainting spell - good lord it was more painful and frightening than what is portrayed in movies (usually some lady in period dress saying “I think I’m going to faint” and then falling unconscious onto a chair or somebody’s arms).


yes, but behringer has a former history of ripping off mackie, genelec etc so who knows… That maelstrom thingy seems like a sure bet though as its not a ”clone”.


I felt exactly like you before my first avast eye injection. But to be honest the drugs they use these days to numb you out are awesome, you never feel a thing. Also, you never see any nasty needles etc either, its all done very discretely.

Psychologically speaking, it is effin frightening to be sure :grimacing:


You too? Man… Hope your probs are gone now and you wont need any more treatment.


Behringer products are a perfect example of the rule : “You get what you pay for”…
But if they make a clone of the Oberheim 4Voice SEM I will be taking a serious look…


I kinda agree but then again, plenty of starting bands and small venues use behri and manage to survive at the end of the day… Its no highend but usually has a very attractive bang for the buck. And during the past 10 years or so, they seem to have stepped up their game a bit. Aquiring klark teknik and midas have been good moves on their behalf.


Yup. At first the hope was the doctor would be able to fix the problem with non-invasive laser surgery, but when I got to him he said it was too late. I fainted as he walked me through the options - all invasive and scary sounding. When I went through the procedure, I was completely knocked out and dreaming I was in the Swiss Alps or something, playing with sheep and goats on the pasture. Couple of months later, fainted again when he said a followup surgery was required. Got knocked out again, woke up again w/ a patch over the eye.

Latest surgery was cataract removal. When the cataract surgeon recommended surgery, I ddn’t faint anymore. I just said oh well, bring it on mang! Supposedly local anaesthesia, so I could see something, but all I saw was a psychedelic light show then suddenly it was done, and no eyepatch this time. I was however given a clear eye shield that I was ordered to tape on my face before sleeping, for the first week of course.


I am rocking a similar shield right now. They gave you phentanyle as well? That stuff is killer :diddly:


That cycle of supposedly leaking and denying is so whack to the point I have lost interest in whatever they announce/deny/deliver next. Mind you, to this day we can’t even buy their Model D clone.


They prescribed 4 different eye drops. I think two were anti-infection something, and two were anti-inflammatories.

Whatever drugs they pumped into me def. made me feel every bit as mellow as they promised. Never saw the actual entry into my eye - just psychedelic colors and shapes dancing… Next thing I knew I was putting my street clothes back on.


I’ve no interest in the thing myself, but you can buy it now if you live in Europe:

I’ll relic it for you for 100 Euros. 200 for the Keith Emerson special.


‘Buy’ as in hand over money, get goods in return. Preorder doesn’t count in my book.


I never posted it cause it never quite reached “finished”, also its a mash up of interfaces specific to my rig. One day I’ll get round to finishing it but as you say, too little time. Still though making it into what I wanted taught me enough about lemur to make what I want generally so big ups. I just got a 5pin midi to USB wire to use my iPad without the laptop so lemur might well make a reappearance, I’ll post it up when it feels polished. Good to hear things went okay with your eye


Shipping in mid-January.

Wonder if it’ll beat the US shipping date.

So you want a relic job or not? :wink:


That’s true but Behringer also relocated all their operations recently. That surely messed up all their logistics for months.

With the already announced vast preorder numbers, I’d be careful with preordering a D. The backorders alone could take many months to ship, let alone units preordered now.

Will be getting a boog D when I can pick it up the same day as when I buy it. Until then I’ll make do with the SE-02.


Interesting that they relocated all their operations recently. I’d like to read more about this Tsutek.

Found this vid inside the factory of Behringer City in Zhongshan China (near Hong Kong) that they opened in 2002. It’s one of those industrial video kind of productions with the driving backing soundtrack music – it’s almost a parody of itself:

A lot of their engineering for the new wave of synth products at Behringer is being done in Europe at companies that they recently acquired such as Midas and Klark Teknik (these are both in the UK). It would make sense at some point to add some new-product engineering to their main manufacturing site, wherever that is. (I worked for a US manufacturer that evolved through that. The engineers i worked with in Mexico were all excellent.)

ADDED: Found this link for job seekers with Music Tribe – and they include Engineering jobs in China both Zhongshan and Shenzhen and also in England. Looks like some manufacturing is done in Manila now too. I looked through some of the China based engineering jobs, and it confirms what i wrote in the last paragraph.


There’s nothing worse than eye stuff. I have Sorsby Dystrophy so I get monthly injections into my eyes. Clockwork Orange style eye speculum and I can see the needle coming in. Truly the stuff of nightmares. But it’s the feeling of grinding glass every time you move your eye for the next few days that is the worst.

Hopefully your problem was resolved with the surgery and it won’t have to happen again


For some hopefull healing good vibes I’ll say that my brother had eye surgery and it totally worked. He got his eye poked with a stick on the playground in elementary school and had to where one contact lense for probably 30 years… He had surgery done maybe ten years ago and has seen fine ever since with no contact… :slight_smile: