The Behringer synth fx thread


Among guitarists’ there developed a practice of “relicing” - intentionally damaging a guitar to make it look like it was made in the 1960s or earlier, and had gone through rock and roll abuse.

Once the Behringer Model D cline starts shipping, I can start up a side business adding dents and scratches to “relic” them. I could probably make enough money to retire within a y ear.


I saw a second hand guitar described as “naturally relic’d” in its eBay description the other week. :thinking:


Reminds me of pre-ripped blue jeans… :joy:


Ha ! I remember my mother almost screaming when she saw me rubbing my brand new pair of jeans on the asphalt in the yard. Good old time :slight_smile:


Wasp? Really? Get a Novation Peak instead. From the same Designer Chris Huggett. No need for nostalgia there. The rest is also not necessary either. MS20…get a Korg Mini, Just as good. But wise decision by Uli to announce them as eurorack.
Regarding the Drummies…Rytm, A4 and all other Elektrons can hammer out Drums much better and way more flexible.


Made my day! But seriously the Synth in Digitakt style will be awesome :wink:


TBH: this is merely insinuation based on things I’ve seen on the forum + my wild, excited imagination.

I’ve made similar claims/predictions during the Heat Teaser era-and…well…we don’t like to reflect on those times…

I want to say that that those were just wild declarations, but THIS time I really think that’s what the data’s telling me- but that statement give me deja vu

…I don’t know why…


Don’t tell the truth XD

Maybe because it’s the most requested thing elektron should do? I actuality think it would make a lot of sense. Since the Monomachine can’t be purchased anymore, a new digital synth would make the current product lineup complete. For me I would love to get a OT sized synth, with the almighty elektron sequencer.


If only they made such a thing


And a scene Fader like the OT has. To morph between two different sounds. I :pray: to :3lektron:


A4 mk1 insufficient for your needs?


I come back after an eye surgery and unwrap the bandaids to read this? Insane leak! If Behri delivers on all these products in the next few years, they will have changed the whole synth industry IMO. Will be very interesting to see how the competition will respond to all this.

I’m betting NAMM2018 will be very, very interesting…!


I love the A4, but I would love to see something similar but digital, and with a scene feature like the OT has.


Replace the slider with a knob and that’s the A4 mk 2, baby!(a tad bit bigger though)


Glad the eye surgery/recovery is done, and went well!


off topic but I was on the lemur website the other day looking at the user library and I realised that you made the lemur template for JJOS, I modified it quite a bit and ive been using it for like forever. assuming youre the same MPC user called tsutek, nice one for doing some of the legwork on that one. didnt realise it was you :thup:


Welcome back!

Understandable that you got excited after you saw the thread title and first few posts.

Condolences however when you see the later statement by “Behri”


hehe yea that was me! Nice to know someone found it useful. I meant to finish it but then got distracted again somehow, too much gizmos too little time and all that.

Have you posted your revision of it?


thanks man, appreciate it.

Yepp, read about denying the leak, but I’m still cautiously optimistic. And even if behringer doesn’t deliver on these, I am sure the industry took notice… This will be good overall I think


I feel like there’s some grime in the eye all the time (and obvsly cannot touch it), but it feels good to have 3D vision after a year of being one-eyed. With almost a month of recovery time ahead, I feel like I should try to get some music done… but will prolly spend it hanging around www again lol