The Behringer synth fx thread


It’s often a very powerful form of nostalgia because all you have to go on is the romanticised, filtered version. The mod/northern soul scene is something to behold. I’ve been in people’s houses that looked like museums. They live and breathe it despite being born in the late '70s / early '80s.

For me there’s a fine line between knowing appropriation / reference to a past sound, when you understand and play with the context, and just slavish devotion to something you’ve decided is cool. Certain bands like Broadcast and Belbury Poly manage(d) the former, IMVHO.


Web content management systems can be a little arcane or confusing sometimes, but it’s a little odd that these things would have made it on to the web CMS at all if they’re such early / unconfirmed product ideas. Only if there was some kind of single internal database of projects and the CMS was connected to it and making a product listing for everything by default.




All sounds good except it behringer :kissing_heart:


I’ll guess I’ll have to wait a bit longer before I can get my $300 VCS3 clone for inSANely PHAT music cREAtion


All this Twatter is playing havoc with my haemorrhoids


Behringer can feign as much ‘embarrassment’ as they like - fact is they got covered by all the big industry news outlets, so Xmas bonus for the web guy and his unfortunate “mistake” just before Namm ho ho ho
21st Century Marketing - this is how they do it 1kidz.

It’s irrelevant in some ways wether these are just “concepts” - the seed is planted and Behringer can’t lose from this.


The next NAMM will be exciting! But to be honest, I don’t need more 808, 909 sounding drum machines. I‘m still hope that we will see something really innovative. Will there ever be a digital renaissance? Or at least someone who makes a Virus ti 3?!
I actually think this leak was intended. No company would communicate new concepts and ideas over a official homepage. Those things would be kept super secret, send via mail or shitty cloud, possible encrypted. And they would be more technical, with ideas, maybe even concept art…

I got a Sh01a yesterday, sounds pretty awesome and it’s still digital, only reason to buy a behringer MS 101 would be the bigger size.But that’s not enough. They need to upgrade the whole 101 with more LFO‘s a filter env, and some nice intern fx, like delay and a good reverb. And even then, I would feel bad to buy another 101 clon.



This image was posted by behringer on the 808day from Roland. There is a label „MS-101“.

The „leak“ named the Behringer 101 clon, „MS-101“. Maybe we will see it at NAMM. For me it looks like a real SH-101(when I saw it first I thought it’s photoshopped). If this is the new Behringer clon, then they won’t be any new features and they already exists…

Behringer MS-101
“Legendary Analog Synthesizer with 32 Full-Size Keys, 3340 VCO with 4 Simultaneous Waveforms, VCF, ADSR, 32-Step Sequencer, Arpeggiator and Live Performance Kit”


Was fortunate to discover (in 1988) that EMS was based 10 miles from where I lived (in Cornwall), can’t remember exactly how I found out about this (maybe E&MM Magazine), but got in touch (via post) and began corresponding with Robin Wood. Visited his studio, played with a variety of legendary EMS machines, even met his family. Totally blew my mind! Still have the marketing material he gifted me (for a college project on EMS), a lot of it is from the early 70’s through to 80’s. Wished I could afford a VCS3 then and now…


nostalgia is not a bad thing. what i was getting at is that the nostalgia factor is not the only factor in behringer making clones or rolands boutique series or the yamaha refaces. But there does seem to be a section of the synth/music community that believe all of the remakes are based solely on nostalgia and thus crap. personally i dont believe that.


Considering the end goal as a recording for people to listen to, and putting workflow aside, in the end I don’t think it even matters if gear is considered “crap” or “top notch”, good music can be made with almost anything that can make sound…
Take the worst criticized electronic instruments, old broken instruments, cheap toys, some pots and pans, and some vocal chords, and in the right hands music can be made that can appeal to many more people than music created in a million dollar studio with the highest acclaimed instruments by an uninspired creator…


Totally agree with you, a musician or good sound designer should be able to produce good result with pretty much anything.

Again, it is not my opinion that there is anything wrong with clones or remakes like the boutiques or refaces. I enjoy them as I get access to synthesizers and synthesis techniques that are not necessarily available readily.


I really think any sort of criticism of something that makes sound is all individual personal opinion, and as far as music is concerned it just comes down to what any individual can do with it, and if they personally like using it or not. :slight_smile:


Bye the way, Haha, what if it were :3lektron: that slipped like this and for a second there was gonna be all these exciting new gearz, and then they were yanked…
I think we may have lost some of our Nauts to heart attacks and possibly would never hear the end of it… :joy:


Did you hear about the DT-Style digital synth?!?!?!


Oh WOW Ryan that’s so amazing. I just can’t believe it!!!


Also! Elektron just confirmed that they’re going to make Half-Life 3 :raised_hands: :raised_hands: :raised_hands: :raised_hands:




Exactly, as you say. Music is about personality of the musicians in first place. The instruments are the tools and, if used well, the simplest thing can shine .