The Behringer synth fx thread


One era’s future is another era’s nostalgia.

There was a time when it was definitely very forward thinking- that was long ago :smiley:


Retro-futurism’s so last millennium, daddie-o


Those were SUCH good days though


Interested in the Maelstrom! I need a great FX processor to eventually replace my iOS fx rig


Part of the nostalgia is backlash against years of synths being made with mostly buttons and little displays - very stingy on knobs/sliders. Manufacturers later realized people like having knobs/sliders to tweak sounds - they don’t actually like having to dive down menus and change values by pressing +/- buttons.


I bet if Behringer issued a clone of the Yamaha FS1R as a desktop unit w/ 16 knobs, drastically reduced menu diving, people would buy it.

Obviously not analog, little to no nostalgic value, so it won’t sell as much as the Minimoog clone, but get guys like Cuckoo and AndrewHuang to put up Youtube videos with it, it’ll sell pretty decently.


The nostalgia thing is really only applicable for older musicians. Many current electronic musicians and synth players have never seen or heard of some of this stuff. So for newer synth players these are entirely new synths


More like West Country… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Which is still nostalgia, just nostalgia by proxy.


Actually, I know quite a few musos under 30 who are nostalgic for stuff that existed before they were born - they’re into obscure soul records from the 60s, Farfisa organs, etc.

And of course there are even more who are into swing era jazz and even older music like Beethoven compositions, gamelan (Balinese vs. Javanese).

And yet some of these same young nostalgic peeps also rock Elektron machines, Ableton Live, whatever. Go figure…


I guess we just have different viewpoint on what nostalgia is. I cannot understand how one can be nostalgic for something they have never experienced. Wanting to experience something that is old doesn’t really mean one is searching for nostalgia especially if this would be a new experience for them. But really I guess I digress from the topic.


Wow, wonder how it is actually gonna play out, sounds amazing!


Wanna see the maelstrom and 999!


Ho well …


I just saw this too, guess it’s no go for now…


Is this nostalgia a bad thing? IMO no and it’s also not a question of the musicians age :wink:

Why would the price - as an example - of a decades old EMS Synthy - as unstable as this thing is - be in the range of over 10K Euros?. Or why is the price of a Stradivarious so hight? I think, those instruments deliver sounds, which are - until today - wanted. Well there is also the effect of collectors paying for rare instruments … but this is not the full story.

I think we are lucky that we have so many options. I am happy for each re-issue of an instrument, which I would like to play, but was out of my reach just by beeing rare or too expensive :wink:


Depends if it’s a Cricklewood or Portobello…

I have a vague recollection of using an EMS synth of some sort at middle school in Ealing in the 1970s, come to think of it.


Sounds great, as long as they aren’t rubbish mini toy versions like most other clones these days


TBH I am no expert in web-design … BUT … does a web-site rummage inside the computers of the engineers or marketing creatives, creating web-content autonomously, or takes it a human, who creates web-content deliberately and uploads this to the web-site … maybe forgetting to hit the “unpublish” buttom first?

Just a question :wink:


By the way, a good friend working in IT told me that Behringer are going to clone the entire Elektron line and make it 50% cheaper. This has been 100% confirmed by various photoshoppers and rumour sites, also good old Donnie mentioned it on his twatter.