The Behringer synth fx thread



The original sounds nice, for what it is. Perhaps Uli is running out of things to clone, in which case they’ll be forced to have their engineers innovate some more new stuff.


some people on a facebook group say that this was a teaser for a juno 8 clone


This is a “design study only” so it doesn’t mean they will sell this. It’s interesting that Yamaha recently announced something very similar – that they were seeking potential user feedback on possible redesigns of a CS-80. I wonder which of the two sparked this, i’ve got to believe there is at least some relationship between the two moves.

To the extent that Behringer’s activity generates movement from other large and established companies, this is all to the good. Roland seems to have taken on some activity too.


I’d like to what Yamaha will do with this before behringer clones the original. A modern redo of the cs80 by Yamaha would be pretty radical!


Behringer is showing this circuit board on their Facebook page.

I attached the image of the ARP 2600 below it to show the resemblance.
Really looking forward to this.

They also have an image up of a plug panel like the one on the Synthi VCX3


Behringer is doing the 2600 and here’s a peak at the front panel.


Demo of Pro-1, Crave, and RD-8 together – three soon to be released Behringer products.

Sounds pretty good to me.


I’m looking forward to the Crave. Sounds a bit like a subtle, mellow-er Moog.