The Behringer synth fx thread


On the topic of Behringer and effects, has anyone mentioned the Juno 60 Stereo Pedal yet from Behringer-owned TC Electronics? It looks nice and is priced at $99.


I’ve been looking for a stand alone Juno Chorus for a very long time !


I was more implying that they were both seemingly morally void icons of their respective industries rather than they follow the same business models, which as pointed out, they deinetely do not.


So the new new at Superbooth 18 are:

  • MS-101
  • ARP Odyssey
  • Pro-One desktop
  • RD-808
  • VC-340

Did i miss anything?


Anyone hear any prices? I never thought an 808 clone would interest me but damn if that doesn’t look wicked. Especially the new features (ie wave designer…wha wha what??)


What i’ve heard so far was:

  • Pro-One desktop – $300
  • MS-101 - :jaw droppingly affordable"
  • ARP Odyssey - ‘competitive’
  • RD-808 - ‘competitive’
  • VC-340 - 800 to 1000 of an unspecified currency, if it becomes a product

For awhile i thought every synth from Behringer was $300 :grinning: but the keyboard products are obviously more. I have heard that Behringer sets their prices only based on their costs, and a standard amount of profit, and not on an asigned value or perceived value to the customer.


Uli mentioned in gearslutz threads that vc-340 will be 799 and odyssey under 500.


Looking over the new line-up i am very impressed with the engineering done on these all. This is above what i had expected.

That isn’t a projection on the durability, hopefully Behringer’s engineers that deal with the manufacture are equal to the task.


Hot damn! Thems good prices


What is it?


Would fit a Moog mother, right?
Mini Keyboard, 32 patchpoints, and pots…


Quite observant dmon.

Even the switches match – although things are in slightly different places. Perhaps it is something that is similar functionally to the Mother-32, not quite a clone.

I like the idea of another semi-modular synth – though really hope it’s something that has a few new ideas.


My guess is a mono semi modular synth with a sequencer. Looks like a new design.
I guess it will use the same VCOs as the Neutron.


Is it an MC202 clone?


Another round in name that synth:

Perhaps Behringer doesn’t really make synths at all, just prototype promises with unbelievable prices.


And i’m wondering what is happening with the drastic 30% and 33% price drop on the whole DeepMind series. Is this a permanent thing – perhaps profits are better at a lower price?, or are they temporarily clearing stock, or is it something else? I’ve seen speculation that there will be a DeepMind ][ series – DeeperMinds?


It would be cool if the DeepMind had an analog in, and then I guess some degree of multitimbrality to address the analog in.

Something where you could dedicate 2 voices to the analog in, and then have the 10 remaining voices be for the oscillators.

Maybe that is part of the “Deeper” equation?


I suppose they don’t want to cannibalise sales of the effects, plus: there was talk of them releasing an fx-unit, called Maelstorm. If that’s reasonably priced and has a decent amount of ins and outs and nice modulation features (LFO, env follower…) that could be a real hit when you take into account the quality of these effects!


When I looked yesterday the prices were the same in uk as allways, not sure where these 30% price drops are listed.


It’s at many, many of the major retailers across the US. It’s not just one or two places like sometimes.