The Behringer synth fx thread


Wonder what modules he is going to clone?


RIP eurorack case makers, but seriously i guess Behringer can produce load of cheap utility modules , maybe edging out doepfer in price, really disruptive to the eurorack world. So all these semi modular synths are just gateway drugs for their separate modules!


Once again BehringerMart knockin the family businesses out of town… :joy:


Looking at the pictures, they are from Roland System-100 so that’s one modular system they are probably going to clone. They are also taking suggestions it seems.

I think this is another great step from Behringer. In the end, it may help the boutique modular companies too if more people start building Eurorack compatible modular systems.


Behringer Modular?


Behringer can clone parts from their own Neutron – the morphing multi-signal sem oscillators – those filters – and the versatile LFOs. Even the glue/utility modules can come from the Neutron and would make nice $50 modules.

This certainly will shift those who stay in business to produce more specialty modules. The makers that already produce useful but a little out of the ordinary (Verbos springs to mind, there are many others) may eventually benefit from a greater base of Eurorack users.

Can the current lower cost volume producers like Doepfer, compete? There is a part of the current Eurorack business certainly involves copying standards – though not necessarily cloning to the component level.


First analog now euro.
More cheap and nasty products hopefully not effecting the true developers, who put their love, sweat and tears, and life savings, into designing and developing truly unique products.


If you could see through your Behringer hate, you might notice that Behringer has released Neutron for example that is arguably one of the most innovative analog synths of recent times.

As for the Behringer clone/pricing debate, it’s getting boring but one thing is for sure - it’s good for the consumer. Synth prices are coming down and we can thank Behringer for that. And it’s not like Behringer is the only synth company doing clones.


Not gonna happen.
The guys a thief


Lol :smile: …Has he stolen something from you? I think companies overpricing hardware are thieves.


Well, what if some big company came in to your town or whatever, and offered the exact same product that you spent a long time designing and making at a fraction of the cost? And people bought tons of those instead of the ones you put your heart and soul in designing and manufacturing by hand? Would you feel, oh great, that’s awesome, they can make and sell these for cheaper, so I’ll just happily design and make something else by hand, and if they do it again with that that’ll be great, I’ll just make something else… Ect…
Or get a new job because they should be selling these, not me…

There’s no arguing that the clones will sound good and be easier to afford, it’s more about the ethics of ripping off designs, and undercutting small hand made niche business with bulk mass produced big money driven manufacturing… The little folks don’t make too much money, the big money bulk manufactures do…

Behringer already has truckloads more money than small synth companies, the least they could do would be to design themselves a similar product and design it better even if they could, instead of just making clones… They could probably sell their business and be rich right now, not the case for smaller companies…


Behringer should try a sampler next :yum:


Behringer aren’t going to come after the specialist bits of gear but will likely clone bread and butter stuff. So, from your analogy I would say that if someone was putting their heart and soul into something so run of the mill then they have been asking for trouble when the big boys come to town!

I’m quite excited by the whole eurorack thing (and “modern” Behringer in general). Very interested to see what they do next. I get that some aren’t comfortable with their business practices but that’s capitalism for you. I’m probably a lot more forgiving considering my Finance background mind you.

In a way, all of this could encourage more diversity and new and strange modules. The little guys are going to have to think a little more out of the box now.


I think the world has found the answer for this many years ago: if you spent a lot of time designing something, then get a patent and no one will clone it, or they will pay you a lot. Otherwise, all you did, is just making expensive clone of someone’s else invention at your hometown. Obviously without any optimization and planning, what caused high cost of your semi-boutique clone.


To be fair, seems like Behringer is only cloning old, long out of production gear… And if these modules are clones of the Roland system 100 modules, the same continues even with the euro modules…


OK, OK, a guy named Open doesn’t “pay” too much attention the economy, but rather try’s to avoid it… (at all costs) :joy:
I’m more concerned with morals and ethics…
Maybe they’ll make new modules instead of clones even, what do I know…
Don’t want to stir anything up, I’m just always rooting for the underdog… :rofl:
I’m certainly open to reading contradicting opinions…


They will probably use their new VCO VCF chips and old classic design i guess.
When you think about it this can be good too for the other competitors If Eurorack become more accessible and popular. Of course i would be very shocked if they start cloning original design like the Math or Mutable instrument modules but my guess is were going to see more classic design (old Roland, Moog etc).


This is already going on without Behringer help

Malekko-Roland System 500

AJH Mini Mod


To be fair, Make Noise Maths is not totally original. It’s based on Buchla / Serge designs.

Direct clones of MN stuff would be pretty questionable move from Behringer and I don’t think we are going to see them, but I would like to see some west coast inspired designs - maybe even clones of 1970s Buchla / Serge stuff.

Look at the price.


Same here. But we’re outnumbered by clowns who can only think in terms of labeling something as being “too expensive” because they heard a rumor of someone promising a lesser version of the real thing… but without all of that pesky morals and ethics stuff that we hold ourselves accountable to.