The Behringer synth fx thread


Definitely a trend for Behringer with making Eurorack sized desktops of classic keyboard synths. I like that approach – i don’t need yet another kayboard – YAK. So i’m betting this is priced like the Model D and the Neutron. This is a winning strategy for Behringer – there is a reason that a classic is a classic.


I was thinking of grabbing a Boog D as soon as it was available. But now that I’ve seen the waves of new behri ”clones” coming out, the pace is so hectic that I’m gonna wait a few years… just to see all the choices we will have before dropping coin. Guessing we’ll see a crap ton of these classics!

I dont want to start a synth museum, I just wanna cherry pick the best bits for my rig :nyan:


I’m gonna end up like someone with all those Roland Boutiques, just Behringer though.


I’m feeling very much the same tustek, except if i wait a few year i’ll be buried with like thirty Behri synths to choose from.

But i will be able to see real stand-outs along the way (like for me the Neutron), as well as being able to sensibly afford to buy anything along way when it fits a projects need.

AND … end up like those nerds with a wall of Roland Boutiques.


All CV, no patch / seq recalls… a few years in, you suddenly remember the elektron boxes in the corner, gathering dust… and suddenly remember how cool it was having 100% recallable things in synths… rinse and repeat :diddly:


Trinity aint going anywhere anytime soon.
I have no fascination with lack of patch recall, but OT or A4 controlling a few of these, HECK YEAH!


I want to understand more about the Pro One clone, in particular the modular control interface, and what and how much can be controlled in Midi. That is a way to decrease the likelihood of having the synth become obsolete for me.

ADDED: Also at this price the hackability factor starts creeping in – your synth can be totally unique.


I would imagine the midi specs to be the same as the Boog.
I think you can access most if not all parameters on the surface.
Been thinking about how to sequence them from a trinity rig.
Sequence notes from the A4 to use transpose, all else from OT.

I can hear my A4 now,
“You used to make sounds with me, the only thing you care about now is my CV.”

It’s not really true, but I get it.


I am thinking about controlling Behringer things from my Elektron gear too – i have an AK and a Digitakt (also a RYTM). I like how the AK has all of nice keyboard control, and the sequenced CV out too, and the Digitakt of course has all the sequenced midi out.

I’ve also been thinking about all the ways to make Eurorack style connections that are both statically plugged and dynamic in control. Being able to dynamically reconfigure a patch network as if it is a program change is the goal.

I’m really hoping the whole range of Behri desktop synths share the Poly chaining capability. Even two Pro Ones chained would be killer – at $600.

Those Elektron synths get chatty!


“Ah, come on - you’re still my queen drone”.


I thought the boog was just note on/off via midi? If the spec is more complete then I’m 1000x more interested.


I dont know at all, my memory is terrible.
I’m gonna find out though.


That’s too bad, just very basic midi.
I can live with that though, the idea behind these are the sweet spots are easy to find and fun to tweak.
I guess a midi to cv converter is in order.


Dear lord, sign me up for one of these for sure.


I was looking at the Behri Model D Manual – and was hoping for a midi implementation chart – couldn’t find it. There was detail on their Sysex format in Section 7, and some of this is useful, but more to control how the Synth performs like changing the modulation curves, key priority, multi-trigger, and poly chaining etc.

And they have the printable overlay “Patch Sheets” in the back – so you can use a pencil to mark down your patch on a sheet of paper – GAG!

So this is still a gray area for me, Particularly on the Model D clone with the smaller number plug-able access points. That’s a plus for the Neutron for me.


Behringer Tribe City Factory

Turn the sound OFF before you play this video – you don’t want to hear this!

You can be a “Triber” too!

Like the other video this is pretty creepy, to me at least. What is life like in China, that this is attractive for people to live at and work? The answer is worse – like the Foxconn Apple factories. Of course they put it on Fakebook it fits right in – we fit right in. I know there is a corporate ethic that this is a good thing, i guess the line goes, well if we don’t do it, someone else will, so we’ll do it right and then it’s OK. Green is good. Behringer is certainly proud of this.

Any thoughts?


feels and looks like totally opposite to the “street light” they use in this promotional footage.


Behringer will be at Superbooth 18 at the start of May.


Behringer plans to release Eurorack modules for $49-$99… should be interesting to see what comes of that.


jeez! Behri eurorack might be the thing that finally pushes me to get a case and start collecting. 49-99€ is precisely the pricepoint to make euro module buying ”casual” enough IMO.

I bet we shall see more about this @ Superbooth18