The Behringer synth fx thread


On the Neutron – GC seems to have pulled the listing down, and i don’t see a for sale anywhere else – but it shows that a shipment is getting close. First time i’ve seen a price anywhere – $300 is great imo, same price as the B model D.

I’ll post everything re the Neutron here going forward:



Yes some guys over at gearslutz posted the guitar center link and I managed to get into some heated discussion about the delay but Uli came to the rescue :slight_smile:

"Uli Behringer
Allow me to clarify:

1.) This is a true analog BBD (Bucket Brigade Delay) circuitry based on 3205 chips.

2.) We are targeting to ship the first products from our factory by end of April. It will take a bit more time for products to reach our retailers.

3.) I can now confirm that the official US MAP for the Neutron is US$ 299.99.

We have received such positive feedback about the Neutron that we feel confident about high projected production runs.
As explained before, we work very differently from most competitors as we calculate our prices “bottom up”.
This means that the larger the production volume is, the lower our component and manufacturing cost will be. Based on our philosophy, we then pass these savings on to you.

As you know I am very passionate about synths and it’s our goal to get as many people as possible into making music.

Last but not least, I like to give credit to our multiple innovation teams who have been tirelessly and passionately working on this synth. I am very proud of you!

I hope you are as excited about the Neutron as we are :slight_smile:


Btw two of the GS members called in at GC and placed a pre order.


This makes a lot of sense – don’t know if it’s very different from competitors though, and Uli doesn’t mention here though it’s obviously implied that you wrap profit into the “bottom up” price. This is one model … one more common for selling “commodities” where you maximize profit through maximizing sales volume.


Thats an incredible price and from what i’ve heard it sounds great.
Im glad its not a clone of something.
Someone could start a modular for very cheap ex : model D + Neutron.
Thats what im going to do :slight_smile:


This must be pretty far along if they have it in the hands of a musician – Firechild – for what i would presume would be factory patch development and demos.

Speculations on the price?

By accident i’m sure but this is set against another new product from Waldorf the STVC although that has all the improved Streichfett functionality as well.
ADDED: Turning this back a notch, i listen to a demo of the STVC and it sounds great to me. Behringer would have a long ways to go to get to that.

Will look for the demos coming soon. This will need a thread of it’s own too.

ADDED LATER: Firechild posted a music video using the VC340. Obviously this thing is quite a ways along in development!


Does anyone know if there is an analog drum machine in the works?



According to the ‘mistake’ on their website they are working on some yes and I for one will be furious if they cheat me out of my 300$ 909 :smiley:


Oh man, I would actually really love to see a drum machine as “deep” as the Deep Mind. Preferably with analog effects like the Neutron.



You and me both brother, you can actually talk to Mr. Behringer on the Gearslutz forum so if you join a thread there you could just ask him :slight_smile:

He actually posted pictures some months back of a analog drum machine that they claimed to be testing out and that was supposedly clones of 808 and 909. The post also talked about how they’d add their own sequencer and user interface.


A 61 key version of the UB-Xa is being discussed by Uli at gearslutz. You can click through to it from this Synthtopia site:

He goes into a lot of detail on the computer design process and the automation in design that Behringer practices. These are the sorts of systems that allows more rapid development, with improving quality and lowered costs – at least it should when done right.

So i guess there could be a desktop version and a keyboard version like with the Deepmind.


Pure speculative rumor so far – but the talk is a Roland Jupiter 8 clone. We’ll see if this pans out – the discussion is based on a single picture on the Behringer Facebook site.


Writeup by German blogger Tom Wies (SynthAnatomy) - in English - not much more substantive, but Tom is a lot closer to the action:

I agree w/ Tom that if anything, they’ll probably release some variation of the Deepmind synth drawing on the Jupiter 8 architecture rather than the Juno which inspired the Deepmind 6/12.


Somewhere it was suggested that this photo could also be about a TR-909 clone, talked about here before, just more speculation – but it would probably make some people around here happy.


They mentioned that on their Facebook page when people were only raving about the Jupiter they said:

“You missed the second gift…”


“I’m sorry, the shining from jupiter was so bright we couldn’t see anything else!”


Sequential Circuits Pro-One Clone ?

Behringer’s clone army in the wings. The design automation at Behringer is commanding.


Always wanted a desktop Pro One


Oh yeah I would buy 17 of these LOL :rofl:


No wanting to derail this topic at all but this will be waaaay cooler:

POLIVOKS mini desktop.