The Behringer era


There are countless legal “copies” of Rolex watches, many with quality Swiss movements. Too many to bother listing, in fact. What becomes illegal is when a manufacturer sells a look alike and slaps a Rolex badge on it, or worse, a “Rollex” or “Relox” badge.


How cool would it be if they cloned the Korg EMX-1?
I really do hope they start cloning groovboxes, though…:blush:


Don´t get your hopes up! They are working on the firmware for the 808 for over a year now and from what I saw on NAMM everyone is happy when the machine counts to 16.



Also, P-locks have been here for long and other manufacturers only recently started to catch-up (but still have a long way to go).


I noticed that on the Pro2. When someone says “and we have parameter locks” I just think “no you don´t” and go away.


The price/popularity of the digitakt has definitely opened more eyes to p-locks but yeah, electron boxes still do it best.

An IOS dev has a new app in the works that seems really interesting. Kind of an ‘elektron box meets modular’. He’s a big fan of DT and has also been listening to OT and OP-z owners. Sounds like it has elektron p-locks, op-z step conditions, sample locks/modulate sample file, scenes and a lot of other stuff in there. Same dude that did Zeeon and Sunrizer. He’s also discussed the possibility of adding MI modules…Keen to check it out when it appears…


Market goes really big in the last decade and the most musicans are interested in electronic stuff and synths no matter what music they made its common now.
In consequence its a mass market that needs to be served and the customers want fair prices.
If you compare the complexity of an smartphone and the value of used components raw earth metals, gold, platin what not with an for example Roland TR8s that toy is really expensive.
Guess they made a loooot of cash since a long time guys.
The established Brands need some pressure from bandits like Behringer this is a good thing for everybody and refresh things.


I can definitely confirm this from my own experience. I own 2 Behringers, a Neutron and a Deepmind 6. I bought both used. The Neutron was from a guitarist who bought a digitakt and a few cheaper analog synths to noodle on, and the Deepmind was from a bassist who used it to play synth bass in his band. Ten years ago I think both would have bought a Microkorg as that was really the only game in town at a low price point.


I did not read the whole thread but did you watch this video? Behringer restored the DX1 from the large Tears for Fears collection. I´ll bet that we won´t see a DX1 clone.


I’ll just leave this here:


and the fabulous GS thread on the BP-1200/2400.




Something very fake/suspicious about this one. Not convinced by the images (or circuit image) at all!


We know now that it’s not a behringer.


ah ! nice find :grin:




To put again some passion into the discussion, here an entertaining overview of original vs copied pedal by JHS: