The Behringer era


I wouldnt lose any sleep buying a Behringer synth. I don’t own one, but wouldn’t think twice about it if I wanted it.


Anyway, in japan behringer is expensive so I probably won’t for that reason.


On the price front, is the crave the first time a synth has been less in pounds and euros than dollars?, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw it was cheaper, a first for me.


John Doe buys pricey synth made from asian electronics made by underpaid humans. Behringer issues cheaper clone from same asian electronics also made by underpaid humans. And all of a sudden John Doe worries about humans being abused. Let’s all thank Behringer for helping John Doe connect to his morality.


I earn money the hard way and not a lot of it.
So one might think behringer is doing me a great favour by
offering me such affordable synths.

But you know what:
When I buy synths or fx i don´t mind to pay a little bit more, when i get quality for my money.
I also like the feeling that I support cool people doing cool stuff and
have a nice place to work.
I prefer beeing part of that instead supporting a company like behringer.
working in a big factory sucks !

people always run for the cheap stuff and wonder when their own
working power gets cheaper too.

I don´t want to get too political, but I´m really convinced that
the only real power i have in this so called democracy (germany)
is my consume behaviour.
I try my best to buy good food, that was produced as near as possible to my place, i buy pretty much everything in shops in my
area… if possible ! they get less and less because internet kills them.
no music shop anymore in my area :frowning:
i know that i could get the same things cheaper in the internet.
but i like to support good people and good jobs.
maybe it helps their families to afford my work !

sometimes i buy cheap bad stuff too !
but I think I can easliy resist to buy a behringer
(it´s too cheap anyway)
somehow it stands for many things i think makes this planet so fucked up. price and money is not the only value there is.

just my very subjective thoughts about that topic.

it´s so hard to find biscuits without palm oil these days !


What evidence is all of this contempt based on? Have you used a behringer model d? Does it suck/feel cheap? Have you read undisputed articles about the way behringer treat their employees? Have you a moral dispute with the law that forces patents to expire?

Or did you just read some music forums?

A lot of the behringer hate is coming across as borderline slander and just a bunch of gossip/witch hunt where behringer is being singled out unfairly. Haven’t seen one solid piece of info in this thread that really made me think about questioning my feelings on recent behringer. Links anyone?


With what behringer recent synth you’re not getting quality for your money ?


Kudos to you. Care to share who you’re buying from, for example?

I try to steer clear of that sh!t, too. No more Nutella in our house.


behringer is a long story, heard about them about 20 years ago.
most of their stuff really sucked quality-wise. also most of their
products have been cheapest rip offs.
there was that joke between audio engineers:
the only reason to buy a behringer is that they are cheaper than rack screens…
that was pre internet time but people already talked about child labour, etc… maybe they just assumed ?
certainly behringer got better with the years.
the factories in the youtube clips don´t look worse than the factories i worked in. (I worked about 6 years in 4 different factories!)
but I hated it to work in such a place !
when i spend money for moog, vermona, oto, jomox, koma, bastl …
i imagine (or dream) that i support people that like their job and somehow enjoy what they do. like i pay not only for the product itself but also for the “good spirit”
i´m not behringer focused with my negative feelings against many companies. but behringer is definetly part of them.


You guys are kidding yourself thinking more money thrown on gear is fighting the evil of this world.
In reality, you’re just pushing the money into pockets of rich people that are middlemen between China and western world. these rich guys still source most of the stuff from China. The whole world is doing it. And they charge you for nice logo so you can believe in it.


With Moog etc I get the feeling that the workers are “trying”. Elektron is trying. Tatsuya takahashi was trying. To make cool things. Original. New. Unique. Tools for people to make music with.

With Behringer I feel they are putting no effort in whatsoever. cloning a model D? Cool no one can afford a real one. A mother 32? That’s just pathetic.

I just don’t like their whole approach.


When you see somebody and say to yourself I con do the same, it’s not that hard.
And you can do it better because you’ll do it cheaper. There’s nothing pathethic about it.
I have a feeling they will come with more exotic designs in the future.
Why they can’t make everything they want but cheaper than others? they’re serving a purpose.
It’s not like people don’t want the stuff that they offer. Quite the opposite there’s a demand for similar products to the ones offered on the market but that are more affordable. They address that need.
Snobs usualy are unhappy because they feel worse about their more expensive machines that do the same stuff as more affordable ones.


I understand your position. I just personally don’t believe Behringer can innovate. Maybe I’ll be wrong.


I dunno really. Not sure I understand the moral benefit of throwing money at comfortable dudes in US over throwing it at deprived dudes in China. They’re all strangers, all humans… maybe I’m just being naive?

And I also feel like people hating on current behringer down to the fact they didn’t like old behringer is possibly just prejudice dressed as moral superiority? Like, ‘nope not letting you come good. Not changing my opinion’. Which isn’t so cool…

Seems like the ‘good’ of bringing this stuff to people in decent quality now kind of acts to balance out how shonky some old gear might have been. But it was ALWAYS cheap, budget gear and people knew the risks back then when buying it…not sure quite how much the company has to feel overly guilty about?


I would argue Neutron is one of the most innovative analog monosynths in recent times.

Behringer is doing what people want. Competitors are free to do the same.


i think i know what you mean.
as said before, i bought cheap stuff too,
but for example i like throwing my money to people like vermona,
bastl, koma, oto, or others here in europe. they seem like normal dudes to me doing cool stuff ! they should get their money, same like i wanna get good money too for my work. so i can be a comfortable dude !


Expensive vs cheap doesn’t say a whole lot though.

Apple is the best example of this. I do get where you come from though. You could give money to both Behringer and those boutique builders however. :wink: They all make unique and/or interesting things


So true! We stopped buying Cookies at the store because of that at all and Bake them ourselves. Much better for my stomach…


mankind just doesn´t stop to kill the rainforest. palm oil is one of the reasons. no one cares. it´s sad. people are people. if mankind was just one person that would be a fuckin idiot !


So Nietzsche was right. The masses of ppl are dumb.