The Behringer era


With regards to “cheap” and how it scales with “decent”, this point is always interesting to me when you observe how many people buy on price 1st and foremost. This is the primary reason that so much manufacturing has moved to Asia.

Just the other day we saw people complaining about how the new Elektron is too expensive at $400. And I’m quite sure we’ll see the same comments if they come out with a stripped out $200 unit next year or the year after.

P&G uses child labor as well as animal testing and their products can be found in many homes around the globe. Are Berhinger using slave labor or are they providing jobs to locals that are joining the global economy as new consumers? So far at least, I haven’t seen claims that these two companies are terribly comparable.


Not mine :wink:


Nor mine, amigo. :wink:


Yeah, if the Model:Samples was made in Vietnam, many Elektron fans would be happy at the new $250 price point.

All while telling men how to be better human beings, as if they had some moral high ground to stand on, hah! The irony. (Gillette Commercial for those that don’t know)


I have no problem with Behringer synths, because I’ll never buy one.*



Whilst simultaneously charging women more for their pink razors than they charge men for the exact same razors in blue…


Dig deep enough on most any large corporation, you’ll find the dirt. On the other hand, I work for a very large corporation and if it wasn’t for the great wage they give me, I wouldn’t own any Elektron gear, therefore I wouldn’t be here talking to any of you!

I also have to say, I find the Elektronauts forums to be very civilized with a great diversity of ideas and thought. Glad we can keep the conversations polite.




I am not buying a Boland 808 because it isnt capable of doing this:


Nope, gotta wait til the next wave of clones til the Elektron features appear :wink:


The gear is good for the price but that’s about it. Cheap stuff for people without funds. They were such a pathetically terrible company for so long that the bar is so low, doing middling synths and ripoffs is actually a huge step up.

It also satisfies people who want to feel like they own serious vintage gear and can fool themselves into thinking they do now. If it wasn’t so lame i would call it genius - soothe the masses by making you think you have something you don’t.

It’s like people who buy fake designer clothes. It’s easy to tell what is fake and objectively worse but for a host of reasons some people don’t care.


Being able to make music is for everyone, not just the wealthy.


It’s also for people with funds, who just don’t want to pay for the badge of a ”premium” brand - as well as gigging musicians who don’t want to take their vintage synths on the road.

And it’s perfectly legal, so the comparison to fake clothes is not valid.


I would never take a vintage Moog or a 808 to a gig or on flights. I do the same with basses, I own a nice bass but also a cheap one for taking out.
Im also the kind of person that would never buy a overpriced fancy designer shirt with a logo on it. Functionality > Brand recognition.


Can you lot slow down.

I need to go and buy some biscuits.


Ugh. That commercial. Atrocious. Not because of the message but the digusting opportunism.


Whilst this is absolutely true you don’t need cloned synths to do so, in fact I predict a shift away from these sounds once they become too prevalent anyway, I think that most successful underground electronic musicians don’t have much desire to sound like everyone else, and once things become too common our desire for them diminishes.

So in that sense I’m actually quite glad that these clones are coming out, because eventually everyone will move on from them and start using different gear.


It did a very good job of triggering reactionary meatheads though, credit where it’s due.


Yeah that was good fun.


Kinda like when everybody was burning their Nike gear. To each their own, but I can’t afford a new pair with all this music gear to buy. :yum: