The Behringer era


Yes that is what I meant by targetting the working class. But probably not a good idea to bring politics into it.


That’s a pretty cheap shot dude :frowning:


You know people run out of arguments when they start to rant on the younger generation (millenial bashing) or strike below the belt (trump supporters) :joy:


Why? It was a question not an accusation, not that I judge Trump voters either, people are free to make choices other than those that I make or there isn’t really choices anymore is there?


Ah yes, great point… interpreting through Western eyes… The power shift is definitely East.

Some of us who started in the 90’s don’t have too much to say when home studio recording made major strides when Pro-Sumer audio came on the scene…we could get CD-quality dubs via DATs and CDr, a Behringer Composer, a 1202, etc. Before that, we either had to book a real studio, or mastering from Tascam Portas. The stuff was still an investment, but following the line to today and the entire recording industry changed.


Was a question that didn’t need asking :wink:


Hope that isn’t directed at me as I not having any arguments just discussion, and I’m not judging anyone at all, hope that is clear. And if it isn’t then I apologise for not being clearer.


I think a big part of the issue is that as the popularity of synths and electronic music has grown, the costs inflated to the point where people began to call for cheaper products more and more.

People trying to maximise on ‘classics’ and ‘vintage’ synth prices also played part in the these desires I think. So many people know these machines but haven’t ever used them as they can’t find one, or afford one. Take the status given to the 808 and 909 as an example. Same can be said for all the people who have owned machines like this, but can’t keep up with the ever growing second hand prices.

Behringer seem to have stepped in to take advantage of that gap in the market. They could potentially destabilise the second hand market also, as the number of people prepared to pay extortionate prices for a 808, 909, or whatever shrinks.

As far as ethics go, I don’t imagine Behringer are concerned, as they are simply taking advantage of an opportunity to secure profit.

As crazy as it sounds though, I still think that if roland released an official 1:1 reissue of any of their classic machines, and managed to keep the price reasonably affordable, it would weaken Behringers efforts in regards to the 808 and 909. I highly doubt they will though, Japanese companies are very complex, bureaucratic and unlikely to act like Behringer does in my experience.


So how soon will Behringer be available in Walmart? That’s all I’m interested in knowing.


Imagine seeing someone with a drum machine in their shopping cart next to their breakfast cereal.


Yea let me get a pair of 2 dollar socks and MS-101 on my way home from work.


Seems like the natual progression. Wouldn’t be surprised the next Holiday Season…
The Model T, The Television, The Personal Computer…all these were mass produced and commodified to put in the average person’s hands. Creating artificial scarcity over an extended period of time seems to be getting more difficult these days. So you have to make the profit quick and GTFO.
So, it is the fault of those who felt their social status went down a notch when they were no longer the only ones in the neighborhood that had one. The only next best thing to selling thousands or millions of products is have us continually buy it, over and over again. Subscription/non ownership/renting etc.


Well I got my first flagged post, I’m not proud of it, but it wasn’t my intention to upset anyone, I was just noticing a lot of common key traits between Behringer and Trump, so I guess it prompted the question, but I guess from the response that others don’t see those similarities, fair enough, my bad.

If anyone wants to discuss it further please do so by DM rather than cluttering up the thread.


It’s a cheap move to start calling people Trump supporters if they like a company that sells affordable synths and I don’t really see any ”common key traits” there.

For starters, Trump is on the verge of a trade war with China because he is trying to push companies to manufacture stuff in the States. If anything, Behringer is anti-Trump.


Imagine that some people in the discussion don’t have anything to do with US or trump at all. and are supporting Behringer :wink:


ain’t trying to pour more oil in that, but this here caught my attention, referring to this topic:


A Behringer is like a Big Mac™


I dont see myself as a Behringer fan so no offense taken (the only Behringer product I own is a Neutron which I consider an astonishing synth for its price).

To be honest, your post just shows again (like everyone of your posts in the Behringer threads that you seem to invest a lot of time into) that you hold a massive grudge against this company and are on some kind of personal crusade against them!? Now you even try to associate bad character traits with customers of a brand, that’s just a stupid generalization fueled with prejudices. Not cool.


Thanks, no I don’t have a massive grudge against Behringer really, I happen to think the Neutron is by far more interesting than these dull clones and have said so before.

Anyway I added to my earlier post to hopefully clarify what I meant, I certainly wasn’t passing judgment on Trump voters or the working class or cheap synths.


Ford famously paid a high wage that allowed workers to afford them.

If someone can show me that Bconn offers a decent wage, standard of labor practice then I will concede. I assume (yes assume, but reasonably imo) based on why people move production to China coupled with the cost of these synths that Behringer is no better than any of the other culprits out there. Which imo is no justification.

Imo its not enough to justify this behavior because someone wants a cheap 808 (they’re not even good imitations I heard).