The AH MKII has an audio interface. Is it class compliant?


… will it work under iOs ? Did someone test this?



No it’s not class compliant.


unfortunately no,but lets see if elektron finally to implemented with a new firmware,.


Can Class Complaince be added to a product via an update or is it a hardware dependant limitation ?



Not sure… i think it‘s a hardware thing. If an operating system needs a driver for the AH- built-in soundcard components, i don‘t think you can change that by firmwareupdate. Then again: some usb interfaces have a „class compliant mode“ switch, so i could be completely wrong with my assumption.


Class Compliant would be great…


Yeah, especially because they were able to make the builtin usb midi interface class compliant.


Full class compliance (MIDI & audio) is the dream. I want to plug my Digitone usb in to my iPad running AUM. I could then have Digitone synth tracks using fx in AUM and also have the four MIDI tracks sequencing four apps of synths and drums. Would be amazing!


same here !


Yep another vote for it here!


+1 for Analog Heat MKII, Digitakt and Digitone being able to directly send USB Audio to iPads and iPhones!

Oh Yeah, that would be so crazy sweet! :hugs::grin::facepunch:


…class compliant is just a question of firmware/drivers…so, once ob compatability is rocksolid, it should be final step…
but i ask myself, if my heat mk1 can become an audio interface finally, or not…i don’t mind if it’s class compliant…but usb to host and then whatever heat spits out ends up on a harddrive is a must for me…and no…i won’t buy a mk2 heat for this…
so anybody here who got an old heat also as an audio interface in use…?


Technically yes, but extremely unlikely to happen.


I’ve been using Heat as my main audio interface for a long time now (at the moment its going back for some repares).


…oh…ok…so i’ll give that a first try next year…running os 1.02 still though…

thanx a lot…