Thank you for per track scaling!

Hi Everyone,

First an apology… I thought per track scaling wasn’t that big of a deal, and all the people requesting it over and over were right to do so.

I wanted to give a shout out for per track scaling, and thank Elektron for adding it (and thank the people that kept asking for it). I find I use it surprisingly often, and it’s really a key feature.

The first time I used it, I needed to space out a long chord progression, and 1/8x gave me the room I needed. After that I was hooked, and I’m now a per track scale junkie :slight_smile:

It’s way more useful in practice than it sounds on paper. Kudos!

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Wait till they get you time streching, then you’ll really be thanking them :smile:


I can’t believe I never thought to do this… How many bars do you squeeze in with a 1/8x scaling? 32?


Yeah I think 32.

Sometimes I wish that Elektron wasn’t so literal with their numbers and went with musical values (eg delay times).

So instead of 1/8x scaling it would show you 32 bars over 4 or something.


I like how Empress implemented it on the ZOIA, btw. One click of encoder and you switch from Hz to bpm to value…

But yeah, I love crossing per track scaling with probability trigs. I put a low velocity on trigs I want to be heard as ghosts, and it makes patterns more alive. And quicker to program :wink:


if we get per track scaling for a4 and ar i will be really happy :slight_smile:


I guess it could be tricky with the direct pattern change mode…

Per track scaling as probably the best addition to the box. What one can get out of a single pattern now is so great.


Right, I rarely even mess with extra pages a lot of the time. This was actually one of the reasons I went back to the OT! Maybe if they implement a dual filter I’ll consider a DT again :slight_smile:

hm, you mean per track scale and direct pattern change are a problem? cant see why, because there is the same step resolution, just „playing“ slower…

more interesting for me is, what happens when you direct jump from pattern step 29 (of a 48 step pattern) to lets say step 3 (of a 7 step long pattern)?

as this is already possible, i will try it out later…

Right, pattern scale is already messing this in current implementation :wink:


Scale per Track is Killah! I‘m working for 2 years with the Takt, on a daily basis and that feature really brings it into to a different light. Finally i can make looonger sequences and its beatiful for generative Music :blush:

“Wait till they get you time streching, then you’ll really be thanking them”

You’re saying that like to could actually happen for the digiakt.

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who knows…

I was trying to use this yesterday, to double the speed of a midi track (x2 individual track scaling) but couldn’t for the lift of me make it work. It kept changing everything to x2…

I’ve made other patterns with per track scale, so I’m not sure why this wouldn’t work… Any thoughts? I’m certain I’m missing something simple and obvious.

Is there any way of having it so the track doesn’t reset when the patten cycles back round again? I hope that makes sense…

It happens with polymeters as well as polyrhythms, for example you have a 64 beat pattern, and track 2 set to 5 beats long, when the patterns comes back round to beat 1 of 64, track 2 will jump from wherever it is back to beat 1 also.

It’s the same if you have the track set to 1/8 when using per track scaling. I thought the idea was to be able to create evolving sounds etc, but it just skips back to beat 1 when the pattern comes back to the start.

Please tell me i’m not going crazy?!?!?!

set the master length to inf!


Or the Octatrack calculator will also work with Digitakt if you want to utilise a specific master length:


Thanks! I am maybe not the only one who visit this forum and only check what is going on with the digitakt, since is the only gear I have from Elektron. Sometimes is nice to see that other instruments have some things that could be useful for digitakt too :wink:


It has occurred to me to produce DT/DN versions as they now feature per track scaling.
AR/A4 could also have simplified versions (or may get per track scaling in time?)