Tempo synced delay cheat sheet

Agree… Why do simple when you can make it difficult ?

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It really a little bit of both for the digi. Hold func while adjusting delay time will give standard time divisions. Additionally when moving the encoder the display will say 1/4, 1/8, etc. when those divisions are hit. With elektron boxes control often supersedes simplicity.

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Easy things are for normies.

Hm? Doesn’t work for me. It jumps between 3 settings when holding func. And it doesn’t display 1/8 etc either. It does at the length parameter though.


Hmm interesting. Not in front of my box right now so maybe im mistaken about what the encoders read. I’m pretty sure been dialing in fractions on the delay menu though. Maybe I’m just mistaking one menu for another.

I am a big fan of triplets … so I have done the math. Glad, that tempo syncing is possible here in the delay although it could be more comfortable.

 [note]       [time value]
 1              128.00
 1/2.            96.00 
 1/2             64.00 
 1/4.            48.00 
 1/3 = 1/2T      42.67 
 1/4             32.00 
 1/8.            24.00 
 1/6 = 1/4T      21.33 
 1/8             16.00 
 1/16.           12.00 
 1/12 = 1/8T     10.67 
 1/16             8.00  
 1/32.            6.00  
 1/24 = 1/16T     5.33  
 1/32             4.00  
 1/64.            3.00  
 1/48 = 1/32T     2.67  
 1/64             2.00  
 1/128            1.00

I think your triplets are mislabeled, off by one: 3 x 1/12 = 1/4, hence would be called a “triplet eighth note”, or “1/8T” in Ableton’s notation, but you have labeled “1/16T”.

Update: @Chiron fixed the chart.


Thanks for the correction. You are right. I edit the post to the correct numbers.


is this how the LFO speed works also?

Forgive my ignorance, are these relative to the clock multiplier value set at 1x?

It is for the delay times (delay FX) and there is only one number to set this time.

I haven’t looked into the settings for the LFO yet.

Awesome this works great for the Rytm MKII also even though we do have the Value Jump!


This should be written Digitone style, displaying a 1/X value instead of an integer when we pass the exact value.

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By the way all the numbers (including the triplets) are included in the manual now.

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The retriggers are done in numeric values with time divisions interspersed between. Why can the delay and LFO be the same lol

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Dam this is helpful. anyone by any chance have a pdf of this or the one with the triplets

There is a chart on page 49 in the pdf of the manual


Yes, it is. But it wasn’t back when this thread was started.

That is correct. But things change over time. When I answered the person I was responding too it had been added to the pdf of the manual as that person asked like a year after the thread started.

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