Tempera: A New Granular Instrument

I can imagine already the use that could be made for heavy jungle beat mangling (but no price still available??)… the high load of subscription requests means that there is some kind of full pre-order list?
OT: there is an ancient latin proverb quoting so> Tempora tempore tempera

Tempera looks to me somewhat like 8 multi-track but possibly cut-down lemondrops running in parallel, but also with a novel feature to mix/scrub across all 8 tracks, which is pretty imaginative.

Key use case looks like creating massive ‘orchestra warming up’ soundscapes and multicomponent pads


Seems like a hassle to prepare/upload samples to it though. I’m too lazy really.

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That’s always a killer for me to,

But we’ll see………

definitely want one. any guesses on pricing?

This looks to have more in common with something like Borderlands (on iOS).

We’re given 4 emitters, and 8 ‘layers’ of samples. The emitters can be spread across various layers. So you have a grain stream (emitter) with a defined density and grain length, which can play audio content from any of those 8 sample layers. Each emitter can have its own density settings, grain length, direction, spray, etc. But the sample content beneath doesn’t really change, it’s just a bed for the 4 emitters to lay atop. We are given pitch control over midi though, but I don’t believe it’s analogous to polyphony in a synth. I’m guessing it just allows pitching of the grains dependent on midi notes, and any filtering or amplitude enveloping would be somewhat paraphonic (just guessing).

Lemondrop on the other hand is a bit more traditional. You’re given a sample layer and grain parameters. You could think of it as 1 emitter and 1 layer. I don’t own lemondrop fwiw, so I’m not sure how many layers it supports. But the implementation is different between the two instruments. Lemondrop is more akin to samplers/synths with a straightforward (but powerful) granular engine. Tempera is a bit more abstract in the way it layers sample and picks out grains, but is still very approachable with its midi control.


So far this is the new release I’m most excited for from SB. Vector was a unique and interesting synth so I have high hopes for Tempera. Looking forward to hearing and seeing more!


Looks quite interesting with a very nice LED flow. Hoi Vector Synth, team me up .oO°

Of the new drops this is the most compelling for me. If i can record sounds without needing to load them with some other device, im in there like swimwear.

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I want to know more about this device! I was hoping for more info from SB.

I also don’t understand why the email sign up still isn’t working.

Cool!..bit on the pricey side… but what isn’t these days…


nice Tempera has metal vessel not like plastic tracker mini

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Found mine in my spam folder. Yeah I was hoping for more info this week but I’m very very interested. Just waiting on price and specs now.

Edit: yep, priced where I thought it’d be. Might be too rich for my blood but still staying tuned because I like so much about it.

I like that it is it’s own thing with an original interface. I’d like to see more companies trying to develop new instruments instead of just the same thing over and over. It’s not for me I think but looks like it will be cool

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Man if they got this down into the 600 euro range with VAT included I’d be all in. Without VAT included it really soars a bit too high, garh. This looks lengths more interesting than Sonicwares granular offer, but with their price being what it is, it’s hard to choose this over that (I tell myself at least)

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600 + Vat Is pricey, look juice but being a touch device I can do with 4 instance of FLUSS or Borderland on my IOS Midi controlled externally.

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I had a lemondrop and really liked it, but I use software granular synths far more often. It’s just easier to drop in any sequencer I want in front of it and drag samples in. It also is less expensive.

If you have not dabbled in granular before I’d suggest a plugin like granulator 2. The reality is software is pretty far ahead of the hardware offerings and a lot less expensive. Then if you are like “wow this is amazing, I must have it in physical form”, I personally think the Tempera looks more hands on and appealing than the lemondrop, but I obviously have not used it.


Noice, metal case, line inputs, around 6/700. I like it so far.

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looks very cool. think this might be a better fit for me than the gr-1. seems like a great/fun performative tool


Countdown is over! Tempera is now available for pre-orders at an early bird price of 642€ + VAT, or approximately $694. The site has been updated to show more information - including a product diagram w/ button descriptions, full specs, and a product roadmap…

Estimated Shipping Date - November 2023

now if I can just sell this Tracker, Beebo, or Digitakt I can afford one… :thinking: