Teenage Engineering Pocket operator modular system


This is exactly why I’m waiting for the single modules. I’ve patched enough stuff together in Tassman and reaktor blocs so I know I’d be frustrated with the full systems.


For 299 ppl. could also enter the semi modular world with a Behringer Neutron. Add that TE Sequencer and you spent 460 and have a nice modular setup to play with.


We’re all at a different place in our journey. For me, the 400 seems really interesting because I’m experienced with modular techniques and know what is possible by using fundamental building blocks. I suppose one could use the 400 as a subtractive synth, but that’s not necessarily how I would choose to use it, nor would it preclude me from adding to it with more PO modules later on. That said, I do hope TE releases more logic modules.


Read up on the Serge TKB. I feel right at home with the 16 keyboard/sequencer. :sunglasses:


I’m not saying it’s junk or isn’t capable of ticking some boxes for some people. Just doesn’t seem like it adds anything I don’t already have in spades or things like Neutron + sq1 offer in a smaller footprint and cheaper. Basically I just wish it was a little further outside the box in terms of the modules’ functions. It’s very innovative in every way except for actual functionality :frowning: Aesthetic/battery/speaker all cool. But none of that really interests me much on something this big. Possibly grab the keyboard…but personally the Volca modular is way more interesting to me than this rack. Built in fx, deeper sequencer, less common architecture, less than half the price, way smaller footprint, super portable etc. Not sure I’ll grab one though as not convinced on the sound yet.


I think that is fair. We all choose wisely the Tools we need. I Hope. I wish. :sweat_smile:


You, me, Brad any anyone else who has used :banana: :rofl:


Super basic, but you gotta give them credit for the industrial design and marketing. Really next level coolness factors outta roof!


Agreed. I kind of want one just for how it looks! Lot of YouTube era humans will cop one of these…


I love this, I think its looks beautiful and is a great intro into modular…
I think its simplicity is also part of its beauty.

I also don’t think the fixed case/layout with lack of expansion is an issue for a starter kit.
BUT I think TE should have a plan/solution for how users can then upgrade/expand this, by providing Eurorack faceplate/power (upgrade) kits , and possibly an affordable eurorack case.
its doesn’t feel very modular, if you cannot switch out/expand your system, and it feels like that ability is something TE should be providing… rather than just DIY :slight_smile:

however, its early days for TE, I suspect they have this planned (when they start selling individual modules), and Im sure they are currently in a phase of ‘testing the waters’, and do not want to promise things too early.


Exactly this. The Samurai approach :wink:


Feels to me more like the ‘buying almost exactly the same instrument over and over again for eternity’ approach :wink:

If this didn’t look the way it does and was just the same basic Lfo/osc/filter/env/vca, made by behringer in a Euro case I have a feeling most people would be totally underwhelmed except for the price. Samurai chops or not :wink:


humans of peak consumerism :thinking:


if you look closer it seems they are using 4 trs jacks. so the module does 3 cv outputs, one gate, and you can choose between midi in/out or clock/trigger in/ out at eurorack or po level. this way the opz becomes an attractive modular sequencer. curious about the pricing: my guess is something like 80 to 100 bucks. I wish they will do some sort of sampling module with audio in next.


Or the realisation that after years of using different gear you know what you like?

Don’t get me wrong lots of exciting modules exist now more than at any point before, choice is great, at one point I had 27u of euro but now I prefer the focus that comes from simplicity and appreciate low level approach more than the new shiny. Personal preference and whatever works best for the individual, your point about Behringer is probably true to a certain extent, but I think they would still sell anyway.

I don’t for one second consider the TE offering as particularly exciting on its specifications alone, indeed I could immediately identify shortcomings in the individual modules basic functionality, for example single wave shape oscillators with no waveform articulation such as PWM, folding or shaping, limited amount of modulation inputs on all of the modules, and so on. One could view this simply as reduced functionality - which of course it is, but it is also as an opportunity to explore and overcome the limitations of a system. In just the same way that a fully featured all bells and whistles eurorack system is extremely limited compared to say a Kronos or DAW, point being the limitations are there for the user to choose or not. I don’t expect everyone to view it like this, but that’s fine.


Both beautiful, both useful, some overlap, I like both, in some cases one is infinitely more useful than the other though, and vice versa.


But only one is usefull for Opening a can of soup vs chopping up a Zombie. The person behind this has to choose what He wants to do and Pick the Tool that works best for him.


I know not as cute but this : https://dubreq.com/genr8/ seem to be a better alternative for less money.

I dont know at first i was wow but for 500$ you get a basic mono synth + step sequencer , thats all.
Unless it sounds FANTASTIC im just a little perplex.


Tangible Waves AE Modular is also a serious alternative for less money, and with modules that are more functional, and cheaper… (20-30 euro/module) , and most importantly the system is a proper modular, you can add/remove/swap modules, buy additional cases etc.

whats more Robert has been adding new modules and refining existing modules at a really great pace to date… and there is a thriving community behind it all.
(oh and DIY is easy for it too :wink: )


its not eurorack - BUT even the starter system has 2 CV IO for connectivity, and you can buy 4IO modules to add more if needed. (though I personally like to have my Eurorack and AE system quite separate)

patchwires are smaller/fiddly
but in my experience(had since KS) these have been perfectly useable and durable, no real issues, and Robert has now improved sockets and patchwires to address concerns.
definitely worth the trade off in my experience.
(oh, and nice not to spend so many $$$ on patch cables :wink: )


Yeah that sounds/looks like a pretty cool little unit. Thanks for heads up.