Teenage Engineering Pocket operator modular system


Thanks for the nice review.

Are there fm options on the vcos?

Also is the there midi cv module in there?



The YouTube synth thing is really annoying.
Years ago it was fine and sincere,
Not more now.


Yes the saw and sine both have linear FM inputs, the square has PWM.

No midi to cv included.

The filter cutoff knob has a bit of a strange response, not much range in the first half where it is pretty much closed until midway, then the last half is where it opens, also sweeping from fully closed to open quickly results in the filter continuing to open a few seconds after the knob is fully open.

Still, I like it overall, it sounds really nice.

Another demo

And one with the Volca modular


Thanks mate.

Great see it in action with the Korg modular. Sounds fab.

I’m enjoying the Korg modular also.

Are you working on any more Korg modular mods:
sequencer and keys out.


I purchased the 400 and have a question for someone who also has either the 400 or the 170. Specifically regarding the filter module. On the unit I have there is a delayed reaction with the cutoff parameter. Trying to figure out if this is intentional? Any thoughts?

And a bonus question for fun: Where does one find a PSU for this thing?



I have the same thing going on with the filter, not sure if this is intended. What I know was intended is the range of the knob, which you can adjust from a screw on the module (but you will have to take it out).

As for the psu, I found this one and it works:


You could always start a review channel :pray: I doubt you would make much scratch for the time it would take but I certainly would appreciate more critical looks at the types of synths I am interested in. You definitely have the experience to know a good unit imo.


Thanks for the link!

I’ll check out the tuning pots. Thanks for the heads up on that. :slight_smile:


Thanks, I used to maintain a fairly popular youtube channel, but before it was trendy about 8-10 years ago, I had about 4000 subscribers which was quite a lot back then, and I did a few tutorials and “free publicity” for various synths, but it was rather time consuming for very little in return, often not even any acknowledgement from the manufacturers of the gear (Dieter Doepfer being a notable exception)

I used to get people telling me they bought a product based on seeing one of my videos, and I also used to answer lots of technical queries and give free advice, but eventually my video setup was both out of date and unreliable, and it was taking up way too much of my time, so I kind of stopped making videos.

I guess nowadays it is different though, huge viewing numbers, and as always “the squeaky wheel gets the grease” but to be honest and definitely without trying to sound nasty some of these guys don’t really have much technical knowledge or criticism skills, of course there definitely are exceptions, although these are in the minority, and they tend to be more successful with less videos.

For the amount of financial outlay, editing time and doing whatever it takes to get those all important views and subs I feel that my time is better spent elsewhere. I certainly don’t envy the guys that do youtube for a living, and I don’t think it is a good long term career choice. You can often see ever desperate attempts at maintaining a channel, and at times the look of stress and exhaustion on the presenters, and as we know youtube or patreon or any other revenue source can instantly change their terms or rates which can drastically affect financial viability for comparatively niche channels such as these.