Teenage Engineering OP-Z


I dunno guys. I really like the design of the TE stuff and the OP-1 is a masterpiece. But its something I’ve bought and sold 4 times, each time realising why I sold it the last time around.

I could never do a complete track on it and hardly used it in the studio, especially considering the other hardware. And therein lies the biggest problem for me… I end up owning too many little boxes, each unique but not necessarily helpful when laying down tracks…

Unfort (for me), I would use it sparingly on holidays and found I never really used it to its potential. Working with 4 tracks and the tape is awesome but I never felt I could complete a track.

Why the ramble? Because I’ve learned my lesson… and I dont want to have to learn my way around yet another niche instrument.

Having said that, GAS makes us do irrational things… the OP-Z looks very promising… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Now you’re adding a make-believe $50 controller that has the same powers of the OP-Z. That’s a good one. Maybe you should start a new thread with all of the specs? :joy:


OPZ = instabuy with no remorse…

Tesla did the calculations many years back.


Most people that make music have a midi controller and many also hve iOS device. The ”power” comes from the apps - there are many very powerful music creation apps for iOS that rival OP-Z functionality.

I loved OP-1 when I had it (but ultimately sold it because let’s face it, it’s a toy), but I am finding it hard to justify paying much for OP-Z. I just don’t get it. Maybe I will after the release, who knows, but right now it looks like an expensive controller for an app to me.


Well said, amigo. My experience exactly with the OP-1 (and TE in general), except I realized it the first time :wink:


Looong thread, this :smiley: I’m part of the beta testing team for the OP-Z. Looking forward to the release later this year! Will make a new tutorial when we get closer to release. It’s really getting there!


Somehow, the rumoured May release felt less likely when you said ”later this year”… :blush:

Your latest demo of the OP-Z, albeit brief, was brilliant. Lovely song, lovely vibe.


Haha, well I’m just being careful to not mention anything related to the launch dates other than what has been said officially. Let’s say at least I haven’t heard any changes in the launch plan.


Why not indeed, many do. :+1:


I’ll settle for that😊thanks😊


Totally :smile: it’s free and it’s awesome!


Why does everybody always wonder why other people prefer different things?
We’re different people, there’s room out there for tons of options…
One persons awesome is another persons crap and vice versa. And every opinion in between…
It’s really that simple…


I get so stoked when people like other synths. It reinforces that my way is not the only path.


To be fair I guess it has some sort of benefit to counter back and forth to understand more why each people like different stuff… But only a couple times, there’s never some absolute answer to arrive at…

Personally I use what I use and that’s it. I don’t care what other people think of my gear choices, has no affect on me whatsoever nor does it ever even slightly begin to sway the opinion of gear I already have… People can hate my gear if they want and tell me it sucks, it won’t bother me one bit and I’ll still love it… :smile:
(Of course I’d rather they be chill and not say that, but just sayin:rofl:)



This video made me care about Superbooth.

Product demos are all fine and good but my motivation for these events are the conversations. This was a good one.


A year ago you were realistic already, respect! Youre not far off as we know now :slight_smile: It was stupid to hope that this will not go over the 400 € mark … im still curious how it works without the Screen. The finger acrobatics and memorization of dozens of different key combinations looks unattractive to me in the first place. But i was also not thinking that the OP-1 will get me that much - especially because i cannot play live or in time and the OP-1 is usually best suited for Keyboarders with good timing :slight_smile: It still works for me. So - Lets see how the OP-Z Story turns out. Still lots of months to go as it seems now :frowning:


well, I was still 100 bucks off, but the opz made quite a good impression @ superbooth this year. much better haptics than last year and I think they organized the ui quite good, so that you can use it without a screen. it has a really good step sequencer that might become better than the ones from elektron. Im very curious to listen to the final synth sounds. But the biggest issue they have to overcome is to make people believe that this is more than a toy — tough marketing.


I didn’t like the op-1 at all
This makes even the op-1 look good
Why would anyone want this?
Genuine question


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