Teenage Engineering OP-Z


Definitely excited for it to be a free software sampler. Been holding off selling mine till sampling’s arrives now super excited to get this going with a much easier streamlined process of getting sounds into it. That’s so much of what makes the OP1 so great to use.


it sounds like they might still release a hardware sampler module later from what he said there.

also sounds like the software one isn’t finished yet :frowning:


Looks really cool. However sampling something like you playing guitar will be very hard.


niiiiiice I’m planning to buy OP-Z so this is great news, coming from TE (and what he says) it seems like software sampler will be very basic and “maybe” they release an expanded (expensive) sampler module; even if they don’t make the module basic sampling is enough for me.

Cool little tv controller we got here huh? :wink:


The most exciting part of a physical sample to module for me would be potential memory expansion. You can pretty much sample and forget on your the Op1 before it becomes and issue but this update especially being free sounds goodness enough for me


No mention of resampling…


Just watched tutorial on YouTube that mentioned digital sampling via USB is possible… But happy with TRRS Line in adaptor. Better than no sampling at all huh :slight_smile:


Here’s a 25 min set with the OP-Z.

With help from Faderfox uc4 and keystep and processed by MpC Live Air fx.


another benefit of an insertable module could be line level in, instrument level in, eurorack level in and a footpedal to open and close the sampler


The youtube comments on the sonicstate TE update video are quite funny, tons of “serious synth” “experts” criticising the OP-Z yet most seem to think it is just a controller for ipad, the dumbness of the self entitled.

Sure TE can be criticised for some of their products and support issues, but really they are one of the most interesting synth manufacturers out there, IMHO.


It never ceases to amaze how serious this synth hobby thing can get for many people… :slight_smile:

Fantastic news about the update – looking at the OP-1, one was hoping there’d be feature updates for the OP-Z as well, but nevertheless it’s nice to see it taking shape in fairly short order.


Well… had a few days to decide what to do with 500 euro saved in my pocket… I finally decide to go for Digitakt instead of Opz… just for one main reason: I trust Elektron people.
Haven’t tried most of TE gear, only a Po33, but the way they behave in communicating their gear is way too messy IMO… So basically i would not spend 600 euro for a machine which requires external screen(only for apple users), has 4 knobs and looks like on an evergoing developing stage…


It doesn’t, though. You can access about 98% of the audio track features using the physical interface alone. Possibly 100%. The screen just shows you what’s going on with more clarity.

You probably made the right call though. If you don’t need something super portable, and the extended sequencer features / synth engines don’t do anything for you, there aren’t many reasons to get it instead of the DT.

That sequencer though…


Right choice, I would do the same, but start saving for the opz, its so much fun…


The screen is totally optional. I used it for the first few days, but now I much prefer it without. My mixer, guitar, amp, etc don’t have screens either.

The OP-Z’s physical interface is so well designed, and so simple/clever that the screen actually gets in the way, in my opinion.

Not saying you should have bought it instead of the Digitakt though!


I decided to learn the OPZ without the screen when I got mine. By the time I got round to trying things out wth the screen I didn’t like the experience!

It’s one of the very few devices I’ve used where I can say I liargely lke it as it is and don’t feel frustrated by the UI.


I have both, and IMO you made the right choice.
OP-Z’s great, but I use my DT way more.


Funny, I’m the opposite, I use the OP-Z way more, mostly because it is usually within arms reach.
But yeah both great machines, would certainly not let the lack of a screen worry you though, back in the day most electronic music gear did not have screens and yet we managed fine, plus don’t we all already spend far too much of our lives looking at screens these days?


Yup- I have an OP-Z and a Deluge and I got them both because you can use them without a screen…

Elektron is ‘almost’ without a screen :wink: but not beach/garden portable

After that you may as well be on a Computer (I have Bigwig on MS Surface, as long as you don’t mind looking at a screen or can see it outside in bright sun, nothing better really….)


I also have other gear with no screen but it is mostly modular stuff. I prefer having screen to overview of parameters when related to complex machines but this IMO… I guess you can’t have quick understanding of the OPZ knobs parameters without screen… am i wrong?