Teenage Engineering OP-Z


Fate can be cruel ;)…


Ellie the Bulldog pee’d all over my bed so I did a night shift!!!

This is the result of coffee and no sleep!!!


Guys I am considering an Ipad to pair with the Opz.
Can anyone confirm if the iOS app performs decently on the ipad mini 2? I want to handle some 3d visuals with it, also share the screen etc…


The app itself would run easily as it’s pretty straight forward and not the most taxing or demanding piece of software. I really couldn’t see why the mini 2 would have any problems doing what you mentioned.


I use my OP-Z with iPad mini2 it works fine, I don’t mess with the video stuff though but no reason why it should not work fine.


Anyone having issues pairing the OP-Z with your Mac OS? Can’t get it to connect via Bluetooth, my mouse and keyboard connect fine but haven’t had any lucky with the op z using the App.


I’m heading out this morning but will give it a go later and report back :+1:


Well, I finally dove in and ordered an OP-Z. After thinking about it for a long time, the thing that tipped me over the edge is what got me early on. It’s eminently portable. In theory, I’ll be taking it anywhere/everywhere and I can sketch out ideas when they hit me, or even on the couch. Plus, I have a feeling it will sound pretty sweet through my fx chain (volante, mercury7, analog heat), so there’s that. :sunglasses:


Somewhere above is a hint: you can apparently do it using the Audio And Midi app.


I am customizing my op-z using faderfox midi controller.

It seems that op-z also has auto channel functionality like the OT, but it doesnt seem to sent CC like i would expect.

Anyone having this working with op-z?


For those with the op-z, is it possible to edit the synth engines using the app or are you limited to the 2 parameters in the app too? Also, for the synth engines that are the same as the op-1, can you transfer presets over from the op-1? Finally, given the physical 16 step limit, how easy is it to come up with patterns that are more complex than 1 bar? (I understand you can have more steps but then you can’t access them from the sequencer)


If you have a Padkontrol or another midi device with an XY pad. I highly recommend hooking it up to the OP-Z!


Beautiful music!!! Thanks for sharing.

  • Only the 2 params. Though, it seems like they are sometimes effect each other too though.
  • Not sure if you can transfer from OP-1. I know you can if they are sample based synths.
  • When it comes to sequencing long parts that i need grid level precision, i create muiltiple patterns in a project and chain them. You can save chains as well in the project so its very useful. Its a pain though cycling through a bunch of patterns to change a parameter across the synth in each of them (patterns dont share any track info). I think recording and quantizing longer sequences is very doable if they arent super intricate, though sometimes the unquantized resolution seems to get courser at 8-16 bar patterns. Very workable though