Teenage Engineering OP-Z


Yep…just add it via the BlueTooth Midi in AUM Settings. It’s a lot of fun.


So you can use any of the 16 channels as midi channels?


do all midi tracks provide a 4 voice polyphony or just spme?


The midi polyphony seems to reflect the original tracks. The percussion tracks have duophony for instance, the bass and chords have 4 note, whilst the arpeggiator track has 8 note polyphony, whilst others are monophonic such as some of the fx tracks.


I wanted to share a little tutorial I made where I go through a step components technique i call “instant Autechre”

I’m really new to the whole tutorial making game so there are several areas which could use improvement.

I just wanted to show how cool this device is!


Personally Im not a fan of the title of your vid, but it sounds great :slight_smile:

Id love to hear you sequence that MD with the Z :wink:



I get that, I think it had a nice ring to Instant Autechre. But yeah it’s not really Autechre😊

I’m looking into getting a usb to din device so that I can sequence the MD. I want to do the same with my Nord Drum 2 as well.

MD is such a cool device!


I look forward to hearin it.


That was great. I’m going to recreate this and get it even more mangled in the octatrack

Good tutorial!


Its amazing how well that works, I skipped to the end to listen to it first and then was shocked by how you made it.

How are you using the step count during performance?


Does anyone know of any Max4Live sequencers that have OP-Z step components type capabilities?

I use Rozzer with Live 9, but it is not Live 10 compatible. Live 10 has its own native M4L sequencer that is similar enough, but what I am looking for is things like probability based ramp up / step repeat stuff.


Thanks for sharing! This is dope. Makes me wonder if Autechre really produced most of their stuff with randomized patterns. :slight_smile:


Interested to know this too. I’m sure there will be, will have to dig around. Uncanny sequencer and matrix by Julian bayle spring to mind but they’ve never been updated and prob not available anymore.


If Elektron could make the parameter lock itself conditional, I could get by with that! :smiley:
Conditional locks instead of conditional trigs, the new frontier?


Assuming your pattern doesn’t use all the trigs on the page, you can sort of do this using a combination of trig conditions and micro-timing. For example. Place a trig with “default” parameters, set it to have some kind of trig condition. Then place a trig on the following step and micro-time back a step, p-lock your various parameters and set its trig condition to not PRE (PRE with a line over it). If I’m remembering this correctly, this second trig will then play only when the previous (default) trig does not, and will play in the same step of the sequencer. Not quite the same thing you’re asking (which would be cool), but could accomplish a similar result in some cases.

(I know you’re a super user, so sorry if that is all extraneous info for you).


Yea I am familiar with this technique but for my intended uses, all trigs on a page will be used.
In fact, I’d like one of the conditionals to be a trig mute, or even “skip”.

It is good information to repeat for folks who are not aware of this trick, however. :slight_smile:


Sent in a few days back :wink:


And how about conditional trigs for conditional trigs?

There is quite a lot I would like to see Elektron “borrow” from TE. Right now, the OP-Z sequncer is so good that I am about to put the Elektrons on the shelf.


Im using it for pacing in the song.

Think of or like this. On step count one each trig is 16 hits per bar, om step count two each trig is 8 hits per bar and so on.

So starting s song i put the BD track on step count 2 or 4 and then when i want to add some intensity i put the track on step count 1


This is where I see randomization as truly useful. I’d love to see the ability to randomize subtle parameter lock changes. Personally, I don’t have any use for randomizing when a sound actually triggers; I prefer being in complete control of that.