Teenage Engineering OP-Z


Hey guys, some questions about op-z:

  • is there a shortcut to reset a track parameters?
  • do we know the polyphony of each track when used as a midi track?


  • Am I dumb or is there no standard reverb?


I’m going to have to buy this bloody device.


I think I’m sleepin on the DT a bit and haven’t committed enough to only using it for drums. The 33 second limitation is not a good fit for me for melodies but I think I can get more out of it if I
just focus on using it for drums.

Miss my OT a lot :frowning:


I don’t mind the 33 sec limit, it’s the longest of all my samplers lol. I do mind the lack of slice mode though. That said, it’s the one box I feel like I can make full tracks on and have played live with just it a few times. Ctrl-all is genius as well.


sweetwater just shipped my Op-Z! Wednesday is going to be a good day: Bit O’ Honey and a new synth.


I had one on pre order from the first batch. But when I picked it up from the store I decided to cancel the purchase and use the money for other things. Why?

  • it is REALLY small. The buttons are much smaller than I would have thought useful, they dont even feel as usable as my PO-32 or PO-33 with the rubber case (which feel great)
  • the buttons have a lot of play in them and dont feel consistent as to when the trigger occurs when you press
  • the on off swivel thing feels flimsy and breakable
  • over all i could not see it lasting that well as a mobile device

I was really disappointed as all the vids I had seen show some really nice sounds and I like the sequencer and iOS screen option. But for the price I was expecting something well built. And it just is not.


Congratulations. I cancelled my pre-order last week so I’d like to imagine that it went to you. :slightly_smiling_face:

And the only reason why I cancelled was because of an unexpected gift of a TR-707, which I’ve become more than a little bit obsessed with lately. It’s taken up all of my hardware free time. I’ll jump back into the OP-Z fire once I recover from Rhythm Composer fever. :cb:


this was a selling point for me :stuck_out_tongue: I was amazed that it was even smaller than I expected.

I don’t have this problem, but I did notice that the buttons double trigger quite often; I’m hoping this can be fixed in software.

This was one area where I was pleasantly surprised. If you look at the teardown, you can see it extends quite far into the enclosure, and the way it’s kept in place (ie. outer shell/“ring” from the enclosure itself) makes it very sturdy.

I think it is incredibly well built. I don’t know how it could have been built more solidly, apart from perhaps an aluminium enclosure… and for a device this small, I don’t think that’s necessary. The only thing I can see going wrong is debris getting into the button/encoder/socket spaces, but that’s true with almost every device. There are no parts to easily break off (apart from the volume knob, but see the link above for why I’m confident) so it really could just be put in a sock and chucked in a bag without worrying, imo.


Well then, thank you!!

It was weird. I preordered the day Sweetwater announced preorders.

Then I checked in last week to see what the expected eta was supposed to be and my sales rep said that it had been pushed back to March 2019!! Then I woke up today to a shipping notice.


Based on the intel, it sounds like we may have the same sales rep. Either way, I’m glad it shipped for you. Rock on, rock on!


Fair enough everyone is different.

I did find for my hands it just felt too insubstantial. After all the reviews about it feeling solid and well built I found it felt less solid than for example an 80’s Nintendo Game&Watch

Interesting you dont find the buttons are a bit squishy. Maybe I will try another unit.

Either way if the externally protruding switch is inserted deeply or not I just felt it was flimsy to touch and an impact on it might push it further into the unit. A recessed switch would have been SO much better as well as aesthetically superior.

Those are my thoughts. For the price I was completely underwhelmed by the build and bought some modular gear instead.


When the cv module comes out my OP-Z will probably live on my modular when it’s not in my pocket :it’s going to be asupurb modular sequencer!



Exactly the points which I was also thinking. The UI looks like torture.


Man this is crazy, has anyone tried this ???


It’s actually quite alright. I’m quickly getting used to the button combinations—surprisingly, they make a lot of sense.


Hush now. Don’t spoil it for everyone else who is still waiting for theirs to ship. :shushing_face:

We really need to advance the idea that the OP-Z is unbearable to use. Not only is it torture, it causes arthritis and inflammation of the bowels.


you’ve just enlighted the masses with the perfect OP-Z casing solution!

however nothing less will do than finest vicuna for the discerning OP-Z user (free spare included):



I used a Friends sock from Typo (for those playing in countries that have Typo/Cotton On). Unfortunately though, every time I go to take it out of my backpack, I get the Friends theme in my head…

I gave the other sock to a friend who broke his foot. Everyone wins!


I would have thought honest commentary on the device from people who have used it was welcome. We may have different opinions and that is life. As long as they are stated respectfully what’s the problem?


Not sure if that was directed at me; I definitely understand why people don’t like it. I just think there’s no real basis in complaints about build quality; I think it’s very well built and there’s definite evidence that they spent a long time designing/engineering it. I don’t think it’s fair to say that just because something is small, it isn’t built well.