Teenage Engineering OP-Z


I figure it’s just like learning keyboard shortcuts: sure you can look at the interface on a computer but it’s not all that hard to remember ctrl+t makes a new tab. I once used an op-1, and I don’t think the display on it (although looking very cool) added much information. The LEDs on the op-z look like they convey just as much information, it just doesn’t look as cool. Though I gotta say, the ways you can program the RGB lights to flash are awesome.


I don’t have apple devices so I’m not able to use the app. But I think the button combinations are really easy to remember and the LED feedback is also great when copy/pasting etc.


“Seems pretty obvious that it’s an official email, and was meant to log the region you are in in an attempt to figure out where the buyers are so they can send the op-zs internationally accordingly.”

Thats what I initially thought but someone, (no names) insisted it was a scam with an overly technical definition of what “phishing” is. ::smh::
Glad it was verified it wasn’t. :grinning:

I want that bundle minus the op-z tho.


If anyone is from NYC they have some stock at the MoMA Design Store, buddy of mine picked one up last night even though this link states it’s a pre-order and in stock Dec 7. Might be worth checking out if you’re in the area.


Some work here with opz as sequencer for itself and modular, and a custom videopak


Beautiful, visually and sonically


That was super cool. I don’t know if it was intentional, but I dig the pixelated graphics. What sounds were coming from OP-Z / Modular?


Loved this


Thanks! def intentional, I am a sucker for pixel gfx. :cool:

Sound wise:
the beat is from the opz.
chord sound and guitary type sound is modular
The riffy piano bit is just played along and recorded into the op1.


So basically the video was done on the OPZ? I dont follow…

how was everything connected/recorded, i’d love to know.


the opz plays the beat, sequences the modular, and sequences the unity scene (tree/sun thing) :+1:


These drums are really nice <3

Really good to hear it can get more of a “loose” sound to it too and not just do stuff on the grid.

Actually kinda interested in an op-z now.


How do you op-z cats feel about it’s potential as solely a drum machine?


It’s great as a drum machine. Especially since you can load both sliced and chromatic samples to the tracks.


There’s no audio input at the moment though right?


Correct. You have to load all samples in with a computer.


You have a Digitakt to yea?

If u had to pick one?

The lack of audio ins would be frustrating. Only thing keeping me from getting a mk1 rytm but I’m sure they’re gonna have an input module come out soon enough.


The Digitakt is my favorite piece of gear I’ve ever owned, I think. So I’d pick it over the Z if I had to. That said, the 2 together are a really amazing combo. Using the DT midi tracks to control parameters and mute groups on the Z is really powerful.


I love it as a drum machine – you just have to be OK with how the opz sequences -> I like using 1 bar loops with many step components for variation VS stretching out the pattern and recording something longer.

I think that’s the “opz way” (to use step components and work in shorter bar amounts) but its early days still.


Same! Then I use longer tracks for the master transpose, punch in fx and tape track.