Teenage Engineering OP-Z


Oh and tape, fx, master can all be sequenced, step components, muting, playback rate/length - the lot!

Buy from a retailer with a return policy!


Anyone know if you can reverse the playback of the tape? This would be a nice update.


If you mean the tape effect, I don’t think so…but you can very easily revers the samples during playback.


Any reports on that little speaker?
And would it be possible to use the microphone as a breath controller somehow?
Like a little synthesizer flute.


Alright alright, I ordered one :stuck_out_tongue:

This would be a really great feature tbh. Replacing the LFO maybe, assignable to filter and/or volume…


Mike plus synth plus keyboard?

I predict a Vocoder!?


I remember an interview from the guy who developed the po-35 speak. It was originally intended for it to be a live vocoder, but the po lacked the processing power to do it in real time. A vocoder on the op-z would be very nice, but maybe also a bit hard to play.


for those with CCK connection problems, i’ve noticed that previous USB devices that worked on iOS12 are having problems with 12.1. From what i’ve worked out, the order of connection seems to be more critical now. Try plugging in the adaptor to the ipad first, then connect the USB device, then switch on the ipad, then turn on the device.

This order seems to work.


There is ‘mike in’ in the headphone socket …so headset mike or Headphone-Microphone-Splitter-Converter.

(See 17.2 of manual: having a headset connected to OP-Z and pressing the headset answer button will toggle headset mode. this will disable the built-in microphone and activate the headset mic)


i mean on the master tape. it’s a feature on the op-1 apparently, and seems like it’d be easy enough to integrate.


In such case you could use it as well as a p-lockable effect box, right?


Sorry if it has already been said, but did someone achieved to connect the op-z and the op-1 with the usb-c port?

i am thinking the op-z could send sync and sequence the Op-1 via usb, while at the same time the op-1 can monitor the audio coming from op-z and act as a little mixer with master effects., and record a whole performance!

is it do-able, or am i getting this wrong? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, I haven’t tried it with the line/headphone input but it puts fx etc on what is effectively a mike in (which has a gain control) just need a cheap splitter to try it…


At the beginning of the OPZ hype I was like “I pity the fools who will run to get one…”

And now, there’s one on its way to my home. I was the fool all along. Oh well…


Yea feel like I am getting one next year too … after being very sure I was not interested in the device. Let’s see how it evolves: both the Z and my gas :stuck_out_tongue:


‘The Smart People Change Their Minds’
(Jeff bezoss, Amazon founder


I’ve said all along that I’ll be keeping my eye on this one. When they add Android support will be when I take it more seriously. Until then, I’m sure there will be plenty of firmware/hardware development and kinks ironed out. Quite happy to take the back seat for now though.


Yea, for me it needs sampling. No samPling, no deal.


Yeah, sampling def would be nice… Until then, I’m sure it will pair nicely with my DT.


Anyone know how to tell if you have one of the misprinted ones?