Teenage Engineering OP-Z


@darenager : regarding MIDI and IOS:

See my previous post about USB MIDI and IOS and BT MIDI - I’ve got all of those things working on my iPhone 8, “camera kit” cable (one bought quite recently), and also with Bluetooth (using an IOS app “miditr” or so, uh, that’s not it exactly …) to make the connection, it then works in all other MIDI apps)

This isn’t a “works for me” post :slight_smile: I just wanted to let you know that it … oh. worked for me. … and that it should be possible! If you’d like me to post a step by step with photos I totally can :slight_smile:


Nice to see peole already doing full songs and visualisation!


that’s really nice!


An incredibly close cover considering the limitations of the OP-Z vs what Beck had at his disposal. Very impressive!


Just got the op-z yesterday. This thing is just lots of fun. Transposing on the master track is my favorite feature so far :heart:


Oh yes, the OPZ Bluetooth to ios connection was quick and easy. I also have the apple cck though so thought I’d try it but sadly for me the ipad said no (ipad mini gen2)

I also bought a USB C to mini B cable hoping I could use the larger (in comparison :joy:) Korg nanokey but for me it did not work, could be the cable I guess.

Re the multimedia stuff, I was quite taken by it too initially but at present it seems like more hassle than it is worth (I don’t mean that to sound unkind to TE BTW, more my own stubbornness) to get it working for what seems to be just simple midi control of unity objects, in other words I’d probably be more inclined to use a laptop and any midi sequencer, forgoing the need for the app/itunes. I get that it is all about the package though and certainly TE are to be praised for bringing it all together in such a neat package.

Ha, it sounds like I don’t like the OPZ much doesn’t it? Nothing could be further from the truth though, and to be fair the 8 audio tracks and sequencer are enough to keep me happy for now.


Just got mine. It’s quiiiiite interesting! Such a sleek and cool build, really fun and deep. Need an FM synth in it though. :loopy:

(To clarify; does sound like there is some FM going on in there, but it’s very applied/specific)


No. You just sound like you! :kissing_heart: I’m glad you tried connecting via the CCK. That’s the kind of stuff I hoped people would test out. You’re bound to discover more undocumented frustrations and delights and continue to find the edges of what’s possible, as you try to push beyond them. Keep up the good work.


Well, you’re the man for that, I can get you a fake identity/new name so that Elektron don’t find out you are moonlighting for TE :joy:

Matthew Simonson?


** slight edits for clarity!!

Soo to control my OP-Z with my keystep (and to provide the keystep with power), I used this adapter that came with a Samsung phone, plugged directly into the OP-Z, with the keystep USB cable connected to the adapter:

And this is the camera connection kit cable that let me connect the OP-Z to my iPhone 8; it showed up as a MIDI controller. I used this adapter along with the cable that came with the OP-Z.


While we’re at it with connectivity:

This aukey adapter does a great job syncing the op-z with the digitakt.


Strange, I have the exact same cck as you and using the supplied cable I get this:


Yeah this is so cool, love it. Setting the master track to 8 bars and recording key changes and muting/unmuting it can get you so many variations of a 1 bar pattern.


What version of iOS are you on? I think iOS 11 stopped the old CCKs working with most stuff without a powered hub in between :frowning: I’m using the Lightning to USB 3 CCK and haven’t had any problems with it so far.


FWIW I am running 12.1 (12.0 at last test).

Perhaps it is related to the different device models?


I’m on ios 12, tried it with ipad mini 2nd gen and iphone SE same result. Both were fully charged too.


Weird idea, but was the OP-Z already up and running when you attached it with the cable? I am curious about the word “Boot” in the device’s identifier in your screenshot.


Yes it was powered up when I connected it, I assumed it would need to be for the ios device to see it. Anyway just tried it connected whilst powered off and when I turn it on it is the same.

Thanks for the suggestion though, I’m not too worried though since I don’t really use my ios stuff for midi, and the OPZ app works fine over BLE. :thup:


Anyone have the latest iPad Pro? Interested to see if you could charge from it’s USB C port.


The midi/cv module should hopefully be with us soon!