Teenage Engineering OP-Z


1 time I typed pants, but spell check turned it into penis :neutral_face:

“no I said I have a rip in my PANTS” lol


OP-Z pre-orders up on TE site. Meant to start shipping mid-october, just put my cash down.


I’ll going to wait for the second batch. Even if it takes until some time next year.


Bang goes the chance of anyone selling second hand gear this month :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I was just about to list something too!!


I’m happy to wait till I know what it’s capable of , how well things are implemented , how buggy it is , what actual features are missing despite being part of the marketing , actual in depth videos ( ones that aren’t a YouTube ‘celeb’ doing an unboxing and 20 minute free advert )



I ordered :dancer:

This delays my other planned purchase significantly!


video deleted ?


Bit of a crappy pre order “bundle”. You don’t even get the bits and bobs shown in the picture, just the soft case.

Be safer to wait until you know what this thing actually does.


We already know what it does.


Really? Would love to know about the modules (1 coming this year?) and details on sample playback and the likes. Is there even a manual out there in the public?

Info still pretty thin on the ground if you ask me.


What does it do? It’s pretty confusing product to me. It kind of seems like very expensive controller for an iOS app to me - would love to be proven wrong of course.

Why would I want OP-Z instead of something like Korg Gadget and a controller?


The iOS app is just a visualizer for the parameters. You can use the op-z without being tethered to your iPad, which is quite different from the (still awesome) Korg Gadget concept.


One of the cool surprises about the OP-Z is the news that it’s a sequencer for badminton, though it seems not everyone has been able to get a grip on the concept. The shuttlecock module is especially clever. Rather than ye olde typical ping-pong delay, it can go at audio rates. The net effect is something I can rally behind.


Why would anyone want to use OP-Z without a screen?


there’s many a synthesizer without a screen


sold out(… what was the price??


PVC rollup is 16£


Portability. Ever used the POs? The screens are cute but not communicating much :wink:

  • Use the screen to design cool patches/sequences/whatever in an easier way.
  • Disconnect it.
  • Run to the club
  • Put a couch on stage, plug it in a PA and make the coolest show ever with your TV remote control pointing at the crowd. (Bonus if you glue a laser pointer on it and throw some cats around)
  • Profit


The case is probably £100 ( I haven’t looked , maybe later , I’m sure there’s info on their site / op1 forum ) . Op1 accessories were very overpriced.