Teenage Engineering OP-Z


Had such high hopes for this one. 599 EUR (so likely £599) just seems ridiculous to be frank.


I’m so excited I put together an OP-Z news and video ahead of the official launch so people can follow along. Would love for you to check it out if you’re interested in all things OP-Z https://www.opzed.com


I think the opposite will happen. The Op-z isnt meant to replace the OP1, its supposed to play with it.


Watching this now and happened upon the thread. It’s a fun watch! $599 is interesting. I think I still need to see more use cases and other styles applied to see if I personally think it’s worth the price, but Cuckoo makes a convincing argument as usual!


My biggest problem with the OP-1 was the lack of being able to record notes and quantize them. And if you make a pattern with a sequencer there’s no way to have it trigger in a quantized way to the tempo of your track when recording. you have to manually start the pattern while recording with a click, try to get it close, then slide it into place manually. Ew.

I hope the OP-Z has more user-friendly sequencing


Yea probably but… not financially reasonable to own both for an average Music gadget lover.

I mean if spending 1000+600 on these 2, we are not that far away of a nice Elektron mk1 trinity or mk2 combo.


I presume you are aware that when the tape is stopped you hold record and then when you press a key (to start a sequencer or play notes) it starts recording, keeping it in time.

Anyways my OP-1 is dead and not having much luck with TE either :unamused:

The OPZ is a lovely size but I’ve yet to be impressed enough to lay that kind of cash down at the moment…
Wanna fixed OP first (hint hint T.E…)


Yeah it has a lot to prove at this early stage.
Still remember the wave of hate for the OP-1 so I’m sure there is a tsunami growing for this Z boy too…
Then Roland will release another turd and we can all relax :joy:


Cuckoo had a part in me buying the Analog Heat & Op-1. I think he does an amazing job at showing the potential of a device. With that said, last night I watched his live gig with the Op-z & I don’t think the Op-z is for me. I loved watching Cuckoo dance tho :blush: I’ll give it more time tho, it took me a year to REALLY notice the Op-1 & it’s now my favorite piece of gear so… anything is possible.

& I know this is about the Op-z & not the Op-1 but heard a few mentions of the Op-1 being a toy. I def agree that the Op-1 is not for everyone, but I personally think it is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. I consider ALL of my gear to be toys, but not in a disrespectful way. They are toys because I play with them. The Op-1 is the funnest toy I have ever played with. I’ve only had it for a few weeks, but already filled up 3 tapes worth of stuff. There are so many ways to do things, so many work arounds (which I love) I think it’s 1 of the most amazing sound design tools I’ve ever come across. I could go on & on listing all the things I love about it…but this is an Op-z thread… I’m gonna look for an Op-1 thread so I can talk about it more :yum:


it’ll be a very interesting machine to see develop. i see it as a super pocket operator that needs to be held to perform with … i barely use the screen on the pocket operator , maybe to check tempo and if record is on / off , anything of actual interest would be fine with led brightness , a fun animation of a character falling over doesnt exactly scream functional display but does get the idea over that theyre fun devices , which is sometimes just as important on cheap , limited range devices.

i hope its quite configurable , i sense it has multiple engine types which will help give it a little more identity like the op1 had…simplified down but very usable.

i’m not a big fan of the minimalist grey slab design , i guess they’ll have coloured sleeves for £200 each or something silly , maybe another set of usb leads for the highest priced usb leads in existence (£25 paid at juno!!! , for a usb lead!!! … £25 !!! , yes i didnt make a mistake … £25 full pounds ) … but i’m sure at some point i’ll grab one , even though i just sold my op-1 as i barely used it.

will also be interesting to see if anything is missing when it ships , the inevitable firmware / bug reports / promises / delays … even with beta testers in the field and people posting you tube vids , thats no real way to test a device for any company and i hope they’ve done a lot behind the scenes , which i’m sure they have.

using the screen to help sequence / set parameters is a nice touch being marketed well though many teams are starting to release editors on ios .

playing unity animations triggered via a cc msg/note on message … not my thing. i could well be massively underestimating it , but it certainly keeps the cost down of adding a screen , keeps battery life longer and i guess less cpu and all that stuff.

overall , yes i’m cynical and currently quite annoyed at the general approach to unfinished firmwares/bug fixing (not specific with TE ) but i do applaud them for being one of the more innovative companies out there and to thrive / continue to develop takes a lot of effort.


If you already have a sequence going you can simply hit play on the tape “on the 1” or wherever in the measure you want the sequence to sit then hold the record button when you want to start recording.

In other words “sync the tape to the sequence rather than syncing the sequence to the tape”.


I’m with you Spartacus!
The OP-1 is serious she-it, easily one of the greatest devices ever, and now as mine sits dead in it’s foamy house I love it just as much as ever.



At first I thought you gave me a special nickname, but then realized… spell check! Spell check drives me nuts some times… 1 time I typed pants, but spell check turned it into penis :neutral_face: Not sure how it happened, but glad I saw it before hitting send.

& yes Op1-4eva!


Are you serious dude?
If you are playing me then I’ll play along but I was making a reference to a classic film adaptation of Spartacus!
Basically, I’m flying in the face of haters of OP1s and will stand alongside you no matter the consequence…

But penis in your pants sentence is still hilarious and ironic in equal measures!

All good by the way, :joy:




HAHA, I was totally serious, that’s funny. I thought spell check didn’t like “Sharris” & used Spartacus instead :smile:

But thank you for explaining I get it…now! hehehe


No worries you have seriously made my day :+1:t3: :joy::sneezing_face::smile:


Color can be so polarizing. I can’t say if anyone else feels quite this way, but the specific color of grey, in fact the entire color pallete is making me feel all kinds of lovely floaty warm vibes and now I’m just a hot mess.

Also, from the TE website…

included in package
usb type c to usb a for charging and control



Also the spelling of colour can be so polarising.


Color me intrigued. I’ll admit, their preview website got me. But there is a lot to like about this little beast. Glass-fill plastic means that it’s going to be really durable - which is nice for something that portable. All the possibilities with the sequencer sound very interesting. I wonder how well it plays with other, more traiditional (i.e. MIDI) gear, but maybe that won’t be its strong suit. Now, off to go watch all the various youtubes of the beta test.