Teenage Engineering OP-Z


I do believe OP-Z, as OP-1, will become the best instrument to bring in the park while watching kids, in the train, at some friend’s place, or even in the toilets…
Any time you watch or play with your phone, replace it by a device such as OP-1/Z or POs and bang, improvisation mode on !


I was originally interested in it because I am traveling a lot this year and I was thinking that if the OP-Z could sequence the PO32 and PO33 and record everything to the iPhone, and even add video for uploading to YouTube, it would be a perfect super compact travel rig. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to do any of that stuff (not that it was ever promised of course).

If the sampling and drums are as good as the PO32 and PO33, maybe I could justify it, but what I probably need is a compact iPhone recording interface and small midi controller.


It seems like a strange design choice.
From what I can gather this needs to be used in conjunction with a phone/iPad/computer due to its interface.
As you are tethered to a host, I then wonder where the appeal comes from.
Although the controls don’t seem so intuitive, I guess they still play a part in the user experience.
Even though I didn’t like the OP-1, I can understand it’s appeal to a certain market, seeing as it is a standalone portable music making device


I don’t like to rain on a parade and op-z looks fun but I can never see myself sitting down and putting on a full album of stuff that sounds like that. Honestly the crowd even look a bit confused. Lots of people will support TE to the death saying “it’s not a toy” but it totally seems like a toy. Not in the sense that a child could play with it, but everything that I’ve heard come out of it makes me feel like I’m super mario on 6 E’s


It’s optional from what they say, but the assumption is that lots of people are always carrying around an upgradeable screen with them (iPhone) anyway, so it pairs wirelessly with it. That part makes sense to me.


I’d love it if they added bluetooth midi to the op-1


I wanna like it, but not sure what they’re offering. I liked the idea of the video editing but from the tutorial, it seems really basic. I wish it was more like Video Synthesis stuff.

Much rather get an OP-1, hope this makes the OP-1 price drop


pair up the op-1 with an iphone/ipad and a portable Audio Interface. this really does broaden the appeal, i record directly to BM3, can add effects and can make a whole track this way. also, i can use the arpeggiator with ios apps just by hooking the op-1 to a cck. use this in cubasis or bm3.

i’ve also got the op-1 hooked up to the digitakt, which will trigger samples from the op-1. can really do some great things with this setup. lots of fun.

i’ve often though about selling it, especially now with the op-z coming along. but i love its limitations and it does seem to play nicely with other equipment with out too much fuss.


Really like the idea, REALLY LIKE IT, but why tie a main functionality to apple… honestly, Apple sucks


I’ve heard from a pretty reliable source that the OP1 is now a pretty limited item, as it uses a screen no longer in production. Maybe they’ve sourced another, but as of last summer they were running out.


Apple do suck but any device with a screen and Bluetooth can be used…


That’s a must, imho! I just keep seeing references to iOS, and no mentions on android app…


Yeah it’s mentioned (device support) in a couple vids but I forget which.
It would have to be future proofed and although I imagine Apple will still be steamrolling over the world in years to come, support for other devices would be essential.
Wouldn’t be surprised if TE released their own ‘screen’ at a boutique price!
I think TE have been real clever with this approach.
I can’t wait for the OP-Z, the sequencer with a modular will be fun fun fun (of the autobahn).


Only Apple devices are supported at the moment: https://www.teenageengineering.com/products/op-z_preview


I could swear in one interview they spoke of rolling it out…
On the other hand it’s not out yet so hopefully they will have it sorted.

Good catch :baseball:@lemons, I don’t want to be a missinformant!


I think this is what the People will do by themselve i think :wink: There will soon be Andrew Huangs and Red Means Recordings who will spew one amazing Track after the other with this thing. People see (and hear) it and realize: This is NOT a toy. Worked the same with the OP-1 back then :wink:

Nice to hear that the UI worked for you as you tried it out. Im also rather a sequencer guy - thats why i was wondering why the OP-1 worked so good for me :slight_smile: Lets see how this works out then we get our hands on it.


I did notice a definitive price increase in the amazon page. About a year or two ago, the OP-1 was mostly around $900, but now its set to $1200.


more beta testing videos



I hope a stream of second hand OP1’s will be upon us soon, … when Z is finally released :wink: