Teenage Engineering OP-Z

PVC rollup is 16£

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Portability. Ever used the POs? The screens are cute but not communicating much :wink:

  • Use the screen to design cool patches/sequences/whatever in an easier way.
  • Disconnect it.
  • Run to the club
  • Put a couch on stage, plug it in a PA and make the coolest show ever with your TV remote control pointing at the crowd. (Bonus if you glue a laser pointer on it and throw some cats around)
  • Profit

The case is probably £100 ( I haven’t looked , maybe later , I’m sure there’s info on their site / op1 forum ) . Op1 accessories were very overpriced.

16£ for the pvc rollup! So your probably right

We know one of the modules is ‘CV’ (as there is a CV setting) so could be 3 x CV and a Gate. With the sequencer as advertised that could be a pretty powerful Eurorack sequencer…It can Also sequence external Midi, has P Lock, polyrhythm and a lot of performance features.

I got one ordered just before the web site changed to sold out- it sold out I n less than an hour.

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CV module


Yeah… but can you really compare those synths to OP-Z? Synths without screens are mostly analog synths with a ”wysiwyg” interface for modifying sounds. This is different. If OP-Z is anything like OP-1, it needs a screen to be comfortable to use. Either that, or its functionality is going to be quite limited in the no-screen mode.

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Would be nice to know the size of the batch that they ”sold out”… was it 10 or 1000?

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Then it was pretty good achievement, good for them. I’m still not convinced about OP-Z, but I may be once some of those early adopters tell us what OP-Z actually is.

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Introducing the OB-Z… @ £250 From Behringer. With added screen. Soon.


Always read the small print!

Very true. I thought it was a little sly personally - knowing how over priced TE accessories tend to be, the pre order image at that price didnt seem that overpriced, then I caught the small print and guffawed!

Someone should make an assignable midi controller with exactly the same form factor, and no synth or sequencer brain but with built-in

  • wav recorder
  • midi sync track
  • usb-midi host io
  • trs jack midi io x 4
  • micro stereo 4 channel matrix mixer
  • li-ion battery with 5v, 6v 9v and 12v outs
  • cv x 4 io

plug it into your IOS device, OP-1 or elektrons and you’re off to the races


For everyone saying “what does it do?” I suggest watching this. I’ve been beta testing, and have only very rarely used the screen. It is not a controller for an app!


I watched this earlier. I changed from “what can it do” to “is that all it can do” pretty quickly.

I don’t mean to rain on folks parade though. I’m sure those who pre-ordered will love it.


What would you like to see it do that it doesn’t? There’s still time for feature requests (within reason)!


It’s funny seeing some of the “is that all it can do? it costs how much?” when it’s still cheaper than some individual Eurorack modules.


Eurorack is some of the most overpriced stuff there is so it’s not a very big achievement to come up with something cheaper than that.

That said, vast majority of Eurorack modules are cheaper than OP-Z… and for the price of OP-Z, you could get iPad, controller and plenty of apps.

I expected it to sound on a par with the OP1. I don’t particularly rate the synth engines on the OP1 that highly (have owned 3 over the years) but I figured the OPZ would at least match it.

It’s early days though but all I’m hearing is masses of dull plinky plonky chip tune sort of stuff - just about all of it sounds identical!. I’d like to think TE will develop the OPZ over at least the next year or so and things will look a little more enticing than they are now. But that UI just seems designed for those with a glutton for punishment!


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