Teenage Engineering OP-1


Why? Don’t update apps or iOS and you’ll be fine. Even if newer versions are incompatible with your current iOS you always get the option to install the last version that was compatible. So if your iPad + Gadget and al the other nice apps work today and you don’t update they will work for as long as your iPad lasts.


Ok then, I must have imagined the whole thing and just made it up :joy:


This. Is why trying to stay in the box is maddening. I got like 15 new gray hairs just reading that @darenager. And this is why I will always gravitate to hardware like the OP-1. Pay now or pay now and keep paying.


You didn’t provide any arguments as to why apps would stop working. As long as the iPad works the apps will work.


I’ve had some iPad mini 1’s for just a few instruments per device. Works great, and you could sequence them from an Elektron box easily. My current iPad (plain 2018 model) is powerful enough to run everything I need at once :smiley:


Still have my old iPad 2 running Lemur and a couple of other apps. I remember wanting the original Lemur back in the day which was horrifically expensive.

I can imagine that TE’s production costs have increased 40% because of the new screen, but I am not an engineer. I am one of those who thought the old price was still too much for me. Over time, I reckon new things will come along that will make the OP-1 redundant for many people. Just wait and see. :slight_smile:


The claim was that Gadget and others would stop working. Which is not true. But I’m not here to argue. Just wanted to clarify for others that if your iOS apps work today they will work for as long as your iPad works.


That requires the proviso that ‘if you do not update iOS or the app in question’.

While many will update their apps, there are often problems, so the only way to actually guarantee that ‘if it works now, it’ll always work’ is to maintain stasis in the code base.

And though that may be the case, it does not represent a realistic prospect for most people’s usage cases of iOS products (eg if you don’t update the os you may not be able to use more modern apps, or updated functionality in them.


What a bizarre and unnecessary tangent. Can everyone just go back to unnecessary ranting and raving about the current TE injustice please? :slight_smile:


I’ve got an iPad2 on iOS6. I cannot add or update any apps on that particular iPad, and haven’t been able to for quite a while. But everything that is on the iPad works. I even still have rebirth.

What @Nevets is stating is true even though people are disagreeing about if that is the proper use of the iPad.

On topic: pretty disappointed about the op1 price hike. I’ve always wanted one and was looking forward to new stock being available but 899 is where my internal system says the price is good. 1399 doesn’t sit well with me for just a screen upgrade and no obvious improvements.


Good luck running much on ios 5.1.1.


You can appreciate something and not own it at the same time. I LOVE the OP-1.

And fwiw when I was a kid I loved Gameboys and Super Nintendo and Game and Watches. That’s the spirit the OP-1 comes from. Yeah, the OP-1 is pretty high end, but in the hands of a 12 year old who loves music, who knows what they would do with it.

Re: dn dt. just the fact that an op1 price now gets you two Elektron boxes.

All g man, just expressing my view


This is exactly me. :slight_smile:

I had one. We had some great times. I still love and appreciate it, and always will. But I don’t need it back again. It’s not even about the money at this point. Catch and release. On to new adventures.


That’s a nice way to look at things :slight_smile:


Thanks. It doesn’t always happen, but letting go of things can be just as thrilling as acquiring them in the first place. But not usually.

I just try not not to buy lame things from the start. Again, it doesn’t always happen! :slight_smile:

But in my experience, the OP-1 is one of the good ones.


We’re getting a bit off topic here, but yeah I don’t tend to buy stuff that is really just a 5 year rental in disguise, anymore at least.


sunvox does, quite merrily


I have ipad pro these days, but my ipad 1 works just fine, bought in 2010. Of course it doesn’t run the latest apps, but it does still run the ones it did all those years ago.

That said, investing in new ipad every few years is not a bad investment - they are awesome devices and worth the asking price, unlike TE’s offerings.


Not to mention not updating your OS is a security risk as more and more vulnerabilities are exposed. Modern operating systems need security patches regularly because hackers are always working to find weaknesses.


Not to mention mental health preservation. Apple updates popup reminders have some history of making users crazy. They know how to make their new OS adoption rate chart look good. Bitches! Yep, forced obsolescence. Unplug wifi if you want to freeze your device in time, consider cryogeny just to be safe. I stopped counting total worth of apps rendered obsolete over os updates.