Teenage Engeering PO-33 Sampler


Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:


Whoa! Thanks for reminding me of that album!


I couldn’t wait. I found an awesome shop in London that has the the new POs in stock. I ordered a PO33 and PO35 online and I’m picking them up Monday morning. Woo hoo!

These will be a fun souvenir and will keep me company in the hotel during my business trip (13 nights!) and the long flight back.


Utterly obsessed with this thing!


Same here, it is just about everything needed to knock up a jam and nothing else, and that’s brilliant :slight_smile:

Loving your jams!


At first I preferred speak to ko, but now after spending time with both I like them about the same, both awesome in different ways.


My mind is already background thinking of the possibilities of 2xko+2xspeak with the KVGear mixer…



Thanks, loving your jams too! It’s just crazy what they were able to squeeze into this thing. I adore the workflow! I spent the whole weekend surrounded by all this gear and touched nothing but the k.o!


Can you load new tonic sounds into both of them or just the speak?


You could sample the Tonic sounds into the KO, but the KO doesn’t have the Tonic engine


Yeah only speak has tonic engine, sampling into ko would give them a definite lo-fi charm though :slight_smile:

I don’t have tonic so not a big deal for me, and besides the drum sampler of ko is fun if a little fiddly - the perfect breeding ground for experimentation or happy accidents.


Thanks, I already have microtonic so will probably get the speak in this case.

Another question, why bother getting a PO-32 if the PO-35 has both tonic import and speech synthesis?


PO-35 only has a 1 channel version of tonic. Monophonic if you will. Vs 4 channel on the Tonic unit


Okay thanks, what does 1-channel of sounds give you? Can you still play with a whole kit of tonic sounds?


Yessir. 16 sounds with morph control. But only one sound per step.


So you can only play one sound on one step (like one digitakt track)? so couldn’t play a kick and snare at same time? Is that not a bit limiting?


Correct. It is definitely limiting.

EDIT: I happen to find PO-35 better for adding stuff to other tracks rather than creating standalone pieces. The whole unit has 2 voice polyphony, 1 for the voice channel, 1 for the tonic channel.


Hmm, that’s put me off a bit. I was hoping to buy just one of these, maybe the sampler is the better option. Is there some kind of comparison chart for the POs?


If you only had one PO (and already owned microtonic) which one would you go for?


K.O. definitely. That said, I love samplers and sampling. But, it can be anything you want it to be. It’s 4 voice, but you can use those voices across all of the sounds. The FX are great, it’s got a separate hp/lp filter with resonance and the tweaking of it can be recorded. It’s really really deep for what it is.