Teenage Engeering PO-33 Sampler


Is it 40 secs per sample or do you just get 40 secs combined sampling time?


First little acid jam https://instagram.com/p/Be8bHehD0Uy/


40 sec combined for the sample memory of the entire unit.


Sweetwater sez they’re out, but more should arrive in a week or two. It’s chill. All good things take time and I can wait.


Sorry for the half baked idea but Is it possible to plug the audio output into the audio input in order to resample?


Unfortunately not, you can’t sample whilst seq is running or whilst pressing any other buttons, as soon as you try it exits sampling :frowning:


I’m on gear buying probation by orders of wifey, but this one I’m gonna slip in under the radar. Too cheap and too useful not to


Thanks. Just as I thought it through, I hurriedly edited my question to include “half baked”.


Interesting. So you gotta be kinda selective with ur samples.

It’ll be good though. It’ll make me export my stuff faster and not be too lazy


Well it made me try it :wink:


Those seconds are a replenishable eternity to me. :rainbow:

Anything I want to save, can be sampled in stereo by cool, older sibling, the SP-303.


Don’t forget you can do data dumps too! And, of course, reload the “project” back to the unit!


I was getting ready to pull my hair out until I realized this! Also the trim mode can only be used when the sequencer is stopped. Kind of a bummer, it would have been cool to p-lock start/end points!


Yes I was hoping in and out points could be plocked too, I find setting them accurately a bit tricky as they seem a bit jumpy on my unit, is yours like that?

Another little jam https://instagram.com/p/Be8q8gGD3tF/


Yup, mine are jumpy as well! Cool jam!!


Could you explain this a bit more? I’m trying to wrap my head around loopers being punch-in FX on this kit. (Mine should be delivered by end of day, woo!)


Mine won’t even ship for another week or two, so I’d ask someone else to test.

But my understanding is that just like with previous Pocket Operators, you can live record p-locks as well as FX in your patterns. Take a sample, and listen to what happens to it when you apply the various loop FX. Maybe it’s lame, or maybe something cool and granular or drone-like is possible depending on the sample and FX?

After setting the clock and adjusting the volume, it’ll be the first thing I do. :space_invader:


Live record p locks - yes
Record effects - yes
I don’t think you can change sample lengths or record samples while it’s playing but I just got it and could be naive


Tonight’s groove


I like it. Also I like your watercolor paintings.